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Tallinn to reduce embassies parking spaces 

Tallinn is planning to reduce free parking for diplomats in Tallinn. The change will affect the parking arrangements for more than 200 vehicles in Tallinn's public parking areas. Ambassadors' cars will continue to be able to park free of charge on the streets of Tallinn.

"We have discussed the parking arrangements for diplomatic missions' vehicles with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have come to the conclusion that we will not continue with such extensive free parking. The car ambassadors residing in Tallinn will continue to be parked free of charge, but alternative solutions will have to be found for parking the cars of other diplomats and embassy staff," said Deputy Mayor Tanel Kiik. "We have also introduced the proposed change to the embassies' representatives, and we hope for understanding from all parties involved in the city's restructuring to reduce car use, especially in the Old Town. Indeed, the extensive free parking for diplomatic vehicles that has been in place until now is exceptional in world practice."

Under the new arrangement, the parking tax exemption will be maintained for diplomatic mission vehicles with CMD registration plates, of which there are 33 in Tallinn. CMD vehicles are used by the head of the diplomatic mission or the ambassador. However, vehicles with registration plates CD and AT will no longer be eligible for the exemption from the parking tax in Tallinn.


The new arrangement will be implemented from 1 July 2023. At the same time, Tallinn Transport is looking for solutions to provide two parking spaces marked for the embassy in the vicinity of the embassies.