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Tallinn releases guide against sexual harassment for nightlife venues

Tallinn releases guide against sexual harassment for nightlife venues

The City of Tallinn, in collaboration with the Social Insurance Board, has completed a guide titled "Sexual Harassment-Free Nightlife," aimed at creating a nightlife environment in Tallinn, and by example, in other cities, that is free from sexual harassment for everyone.

The guide is inspired by the Mayor of London's Women's Night Safety Charter and the safer nightlife toolkit developed by Bristol Nights. The guide (in Estonian language) can be found HERE

Earlier this year, the Social Insurance Board and the City of Tallinn launched the "Notice. Intervene. Help. (Märka. Sekku. Aita.)" campaign to prevent incidents of sexual harassment. The campaign aims to draw attention to the issue and offer support to those who have been sexually harassed. One part of the campaign is a guide for nightlife establishments, aimed at ensuring a safer and more secure environment for all participants of the nightlife, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, religion or beliefs, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

According to Tallinn’s Nighttime Advisor, Natalie Mets, ensuring a safer nightlife requires community effort and encourages people to be observant, intervene, and offer help. "Awareness and supportive individuals can prevent harassment. The guide urges all nightlife establishments to prioritize safety. It provides practical steps on how to recognize sexual harassment and what actions to take in such situations," Mets described.

Amy Lamé, London's Night Czar, stated that the Women's Night Safety Charter has had a very positive impact in London since its launch. "We now have over 2,100 businesses and organisations signed up in London and I'm thrilled that Tallinn will be joining the growing number of cities and regions around the world adopting our Charter model. I hope businesses and organisations across Tallinn, no matter how big or small, sign up and help build a safer night time for women and girls."

A survey by the Social Insurance Board revealed that 73% of women and 32% of men have experienced sexual harassment in Estonia's nightlife. Integral to the guide are materials and training sessions for nightlife establishment employees, designed to help them better recognize sexual harassment and provide instructions on how to intervene and assist.

Annika Silde, the Head of the Victim Support and Prevention Department's service for victims of violence at the Social Insurance Board, noted that a safer party venue starts the moment people enter a nightlife establishment. "By adopting the practices outlined in the guide, nightlife venues send a clear signal that everyone - both visitors and staff - can feel safe there because there is no room for sexual harassment in their establishments. Only through a collective effort can we create a safer nightlife for all. The campaign initiated with the City of Tallinn will be continued by the Social Insurance Board in other Estonian cities, which is why we call on all relevant establishments to familiarize themselves with and follow the 'Sexual Harassment-Free Nightlife' guide," added Silde.

The campaign information is available in Estonian at

The Social Insurance Board organizes thematic training for Tallinn's nightlife establishments. For additional information: Annika Silde, [email protected].