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Tallinn residents can once again drop off bulky waste for free

Tallinn residents can once again drop off bulky waste for free

Next week, from 21-27 August, people residing in Tallinn according to the population register can drop off bulky waste, such as unusable furniture, bicycles and baby prams, at the city's waste transfer stations for free.

According to Deputy Mayor Joosep Vimm, the free drop-off of bulky waste has fulfilled its purpose – during this period, people bring much more waste than at any other time. "This is an opportunity to maintain a cleaner urban environment," said Vimm. “Additionally, items that are no longer needed at home but are in good condition can be given a new lease of life at the waste transfer stations – they are accepted free of charge by the Paljassaare and Pääsküla recycling stations."

Up to three cubic meters of bulky waste at a time is accepted per resident free of charge, which means that the amount must fit in the trailer of one car. You must bring an ID card or driving licence for personal identification. The campaign does not extend to legal entities (including apartment associations).

The removal of bulky waste can be ordered at any time from your waste carrier at a fee according to their price list. However, during the campaign week, Tallinn’s residents can drop the waste off at the city's waste transfer stations for free.

Bulky waste includes pieces of broken and unusable furniture and their parts (e.g. sofas, tables, shelves), floor coverings, mattresses, curtains and curtain rails, large flower pots, clothes racks, mirrors, sports equipment, bicycles, broken skis and sledges and baby prams.

Bulky waste is not: construction and renovation waste (e.g. toilet bowls, sinks, bathtubs, windows, doors, wallpaper, paint rollers); hazardous waste (e.g. empty paint tins, asbestos cement); problematic waste (e.g. spare parts of scrap vehicles, tyres); scrap metal; electrical and electronic equipment (e.g. washing machines, TV sets, refrigerators, stoves); other waste covered by producer responsibility.

Waste transfer stations are located in Pääsküla (Raba tn 40), Rahumäe (Rahumäe tee 5a), Pärnamäe (Ristaia tee 8) and Paljassaare (Paljassaare põik 5). Opening hours and information on dropping off other waste can be found on the website