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Tallinn's ice rinks start to close the season

Tallinn's ice rinks start to close the season

With the arrival of spring, this year's season at Tallinn's ice skating rinks are coming to an end, only to start again at the beginning of next winter. By the end of the season, the city's ice rinks will have been visited around 110 000 times.

The Nõmme and Mustamäe ice rinks closed on 20 March, the Lasnamäe ice rink in Tondiraba Park  will remain open until 27 March and the Old Town ice rink until 3 April. For now, Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet invites all skating fans to the rinks to enjoy the last of the winter fun.

"The rinks have been very popular with the citizens, and more and more schools and kindergartens are holding their sports lessons on them, as it is free of charge for educational institutions," said Svet. "We are definitely planning to reopen the skating rinks next winter and we are also considering the possibility of building new ones. The Mustamäe ice rink, on the other hand, will move from the Sütiste 69 stadium to the recently renovated Männi Park next season." 

According to the deputy mayor, the exact number of visitors will be known after the end of the season, but at the moment the Old Town ice rink has had around 48 000 visitors, the Nõmme ice rink 22 000, the Mustamäe ice rink 21 000 and the Lasnamäe ice rink 15 000.

Schools are able to have free ice time at the city's ice rinks from 8-17 on weekdays, with pre-registration of a class by the group leader. Schools have made a total of 41 000 visits this season.

The ice rinks in Old Town, Lasnamäe, Mustamäe and Nõmme are managed by HK Hall OÜ. In addition, there are skating rinks managed by the Pirita Sports Centre in Pirita, Tallinn, and at the Härma Stadium in Lasnamäe.