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Tallinn's musical ensembles to perform three concerts in European Capital of Culture Tartu

Tallinn's musical ensembles to perform three concerts in European Capital of Culture Tartu

Musical ensembles from Tallinn, a UNESCO City of Music, will perform three concerts in Tartu, the European Capital of Culture 2024. The Tallinn Chamber Orchestra will perform in Tartu on May 26, and the Tallinn Police Orchestra will perform in Räpina on May 23 and in Võru on October 6.

“Tallinn is a city of music, and we have two powerful orchestras whose concerts will be a distinguished addition to the European Capital of Culture program,” said Tallinn Deputy Mayor Kaarel Oja. “Tallinn has also been a European Capital of Culture, and we know it's a grand undertaking and a significant effort for the city and its visitors. Hopefully, Tallinn's contribution through these concerts will allow us to step into the role of participant and simply enjoy good music. Ultimately, culture is about shared experiences, and the best outcome of these concerts will be wonderful shared memories.”

Grammy winner and Tallinn Philharmonic Artistic Director Tõnu Kaljuste, who will conduct at the Tartu concert, noted that while colleagues from around the world praise the high standards of Estonian music scene, he doesn't dwell on it while making music. "You just seek new and exciting opportunities in this endlessly rich musical world. I believe any international recognition is a small dose of praise that lifts the spirit and provides strength for the future," said Kaljuste. Under his direction, the final concert of the "Aavik in Salzburg" series will be performed in Tartu. Hans Christian Aavik will play Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5, and the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, along with the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and soloists, will perform Mozart’s music for the play "Thamos, King of Egypt." “This spring marks the 250th anniversary of the premiere of 'Thamos,' so with this concert, we celebrate this significant milestone and the first performance of this music in Estonia simultaneously,” added Kaljuste.

"The Tallinn Police Orchestra plays cheerful and melodic music with joy, both at home and further afield. We are especially pleased to visit places a bit removed from the epicenter of the cultural capital. Together with excellent soloists, we will bring programs full of well-known songs to the people of Räpina and Võru, ensuring everyone leaves with a smile," said Tallinn Police Orchestra conductor Riivo Jõgi.

On May 23 at 19:00, the Tallinn Police Orchestra will perform at Räpina Cultural Center as part of the Good Home Days in Räpina. Soloists Margot Suur and Marko Matvere will join the concert. Tickets are available in advance and at the venue.

On May 26 at 19:00, the “Aavik in Salzburg” concert will take place at Tartu St. Paul's Church, featuring masterpieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Arvo Pärt. The performers include the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, violin virtuoso Hans Christian Aavik, the trio Theodor Sink, Karolina Aavik, and Hans Christian Aavik, and vocal soloists from the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. The artistic director and conductor of the concert is Tõnu Kaljuste. This event is free and open to all. More information can be found on the Tartu 2024 website.

The final concert will be on October 6, when the Tallinn Police Orchestra performs at Võru Kannel Cultural Centre as part of the Võru Senior Festival.

Tallinn and Tartu signed a cooperation agreement in 2021, under which Tartu supported Tallinn's goals as the European Green Capital last year, and this year, Tallinn is contributing to the European Capital of Culture program. Tallinn has held the title of UNESCO City of Music since 2022.