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Tallinn's special prize at the Ajujaht Competition awarded to probiotic beverage producer Raw Edge

Tallinn's special prize at the Ajujaht Competition awarded to probiotic beverage producer Raw Edge

Yesterday's Ajujaht (Brain Hunt) entrepreneurship competition finale announced the winner of the Tallinn Special Prize, recognizing the technology company Raw Edge for its innovation and eco-friendly approach in the food industry. Raw Edge specializes in developing ultra-low-calorie products that support gut health and overall wellbeing, using fermentation technology.

"Raw Edge’s founders have stood out as an extremely motivated and focused team. We value their science-based food technology, which has multifaceted benefits. It offers a delicious and healthy alternative to support nutritious eating, helps prevent food waste, and is easily exportable,” described Tallinn's Deputy Mayor, Joosep Vimm. “We wish Raw Edge great success with their innovative concept and look forward to witnessing their development."

Raw Edge’s product is a 100% natural beverage, fermented with lactic acid bacteria from vegetable and berry juices. It’s a probiotic, low-calorie drink devoid of caffeine, artificial additives, or added sugar. The beverage contains natural good bacteria that bolster gut microbiota, thereby enhancing well-being, health, and athletic performance. Soon, three flavors will hit the market: carrot and dragon fruit, carrot and pineapple, and beet with blackcurrant.

The uniqueness lies in the technological optimization to produce stable, low-sugar content products. Fermentation with lactic acid bacteria allows the natural reduction of sugars present in vegetable and berry juices to an absolute minimum while enhancing the content of valuable compounds that are more readily absorbed by our body than any synthetic or processed additives often included in drinks and foods for functionality. Bioactive compounds like minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, and other phytochemicals synthesized during fermentation support health through improved digestion, enhanced immunity, better nutrient absorption, and reduced inflammatory processes.

The City of Tallinn has been a partner of the Ajujaht Competition since its inception, offering a €5,000 special prize for ideas that improve the urban or entrepreneurial environment.

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