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Tallinn's supplementary budget to improve winter street maintenance quality

Tallinn's supplementary budget to improve winter street maintenance quality

The Tallinn City Government has presented the City Council with the first supplementary budget proposal for 2024, increasing the total city budget by 9.5 million euros. One of the priorities of the supplementary budget is the urban landscape and mobility sectors, with additional funds allocated primarily to improve the quality of winter street maintenance and to develop landscaping.

To increase the proportion of city-maintained sidewalks, 23 new positions will be created in the Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department’s Kadriorg Park unit starting September 1, and eight new work machines will be purchased to clean sidewalks previously maintained by property owners.

"I see a clear need to consolidate the current snow removal contracts of nearly ten different agencies into one department. Supervision must be improved to ensure that the right snowplows and tractors are in the right place at the right time. With 2.1 million euros, we will enhance the city's responsiveness and flexibility, as this will most likely secure the necessary machinery and workforce for the winter," said Deputy Mayor Pärtel-Peeter Pere.

Expenditures will increase for creating new landscaping, and additional funds are allocated for providing support to private property owners for replacing infected trees, with the aim of preserving the city's greenery. Environmental program and urban garden expenses will also increase, with the goal of supporting city and educational gardens and raising environmental awareness.
In the technical networks sector, additional funds will be allocated for stormwater drainage and purification. Given the large amount of funds carried over from the previous year, the works this year will be carried out using these transferred funds.

Among road construction and repair projects, costs are rising for the construction of Lastekodu Street and the Tondi multi-level intersection, as well as for the reconstruction of the Kotka Street section and the tramway between Ülemiste terminal and the Old City Harbour. Along with the reconstruction of Liivalaia Street, a tramway and bicycle path will be built as a unified project. Both projects will be supported by external funding, but since only the design phase will begin in 2024, this external funding will not be reflected in this year's budget. The total costs for tunnels, bridges, and viaducts are increasing due to rising construction prices, but because of extended design processes, most of these expenses will be deferred to 2025.

The supplementary budget includes expenses for several participatory budgeting projects from previous years. An architectural competition will be organized for the creation of Ukraine Square and the reconstruction of Lembitu Park (including the playground), with design and construction expected to start next year. For the construction and reconstruction of playgrounds, sports fields, and dog parks, 384,000 euros have been allocated. An additional 80,000 euros are allocated for the acquisition of urban furniture (trash cans, benches, bike racks, etc.), with further funds earmarked for quick interventions in areas of the urban space needing improvement.

In the field of environmental protection, 35,000 euros are allocated for the restoration and improvement of urban nature. As part of the externally funded project "Green Cities – GoGreenRoutes," Vormsi Park will be maintained and diversified to make it an accessible and pleasant leisure area for all residents and visitors of the area.