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Tallinn’s waste treatment facilities to follow summer work schedules

From Saturday, 1 April, Tallinn’s waste treatment facilities will start following a summer work schedule which means that the business hours will be extended during weekdays.

From 1 April, Tallinn’s four waste treatment facilities in Pääsküla, Rahumäe, Paljasaare and Pärnumäe are open on workdays from 12pm to 8pm and on weekends from 10am to 6pm. The removal of waste and the internal workings of the facilities are managed in a way that will not hinder citizens from depositing their waste.
All of Tallinn’s waste treatment facilities are closed on national holidays and so all waste treatment facilities will be closed on 7 April and 9 April during Easter. On Saturday, 8 April, all of Tallinn’s waste treatment facilities will follow the weekend schedule and are open from 10am to 6pm.

Also, the waste treatment facilities are closed on 1 May, Victory day and during Midsummer on 23 and 24 June. The waste treatment facilities are also closed during the Day of Restoration of Independence on 20 August.

The Paljassaare waste treatment facility is located in the Northern Tallinn District at 5 Paljassaare Street, the Pärnamäe waste treatment facility is located in the Pirita District at 8 Ristaia Road, Pääsküla waste treatment facility is located in the Nõmme District at 40 Raba Street and the Rahumäe waste treatment facility is also located in the Nõmme District at 5a Rahumäe Road.

Biodegradable gardening waste that might be produced during gardening in the spring can be deposited in limited quantities for free by citizens of Tallinn. During a one-time visit, the facility will accept six 100-litre bags or 0.6 cubic metres of gardening and landscaping waste. At the Pääsküla and Paljassaare waste treatment facilities, biodegradable gardening waste, including tree and shrub leaves, have to be placed without plastic bags into designated containers. At the Rahumäe and Pärnamäe waste treatment facilities, bags can be emptied into piles on the ground. The waste treatment operator will designate the places where the gardening waste can be deposited.

The citizens of the city can deposit for free unlimited amounts of paper and cardboard, packaging, food oil and fat, old metal, complex electrical and electronic devices and broken furniture.

People can deposit for free up to 0.6 cubic metres at once of household gardening and landscaping waste, 0.6 cubic metres of wearable clothing, 1 cubic metre of unprocessed lumber, 1 cubic metre of marked plastic waste, 8 used tires, 1 cubic metre of concrete, 1 cubic metre of presorted bricks, 1 cubic metre of tiles and ceramic, 1 cubic metre of sheet glass and certain quantities of hazardous waste.

Other waste and waste quantities above the limit can be deposited based on the price list. More information can be found on the waste treatment facility’s new website The waste treatment facilities are managed by Tallinn Waste Centre.