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Tark Tallinn, the platform for displaying key data, is open to the public 

Tark Tallinn, the platform for displaying key data, is open to the public 

The Tark Tallinn platform, which helps to make information from key data and sensors in the city more easily usable, is available to everyone via the Tallinn website.

"Our aim is to make the city's sensor and key data, generated by devices connected to the Internet, more accessible by aggregating and visualizing it in the Tark Tallinn map application," explains City Digital Director Martin Männil. "Every year, more and more sensors provide publicly available data about what is happening in the city. In the future, we would like to interface as many of these data streams as possible with the Tark Tallinn platform and make them available through it." 


Currently, for example, it is possible to view weather information on road conditions from dozens of sensors across the city, air quality data from five air monitoring stations, the number of free spaces in each Bikeep bike park and the number of users in each of the city's free wireless internet (TallinnWifi) hotspots. 


Businesses operating in the Old Town could be interested in hourly updates on the number of pedestrians passing 15 points on the Old Town territory. The platform also shows road closures that are currently affecting traffic.


On the platform, the data from different sensors and data sources is connected to the Tallinn map application managed by the city's geoinformation systems department and to Telia Estonia's Internet platform, which helps link it to other public spatial data.


In the future, it is planned to offer the possibility to personalize the platform service, so that users can analyze the data of their interest in the "My Data" subsection, which is currently under development. 


The City of Tallinn is the third largest publisher of open data in Estonia. The key data to be created by the city's institutions will be available through .