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Temporary changes to public transport routes and traffic arrangements in city centre

Temporary changes to public transport routes and traffic arrangements in city centre

Starting Monday, June 10, construction work on water and sewer lines will begin on F. R. Kreutzwaldi Street, leading to traffic restrictions. At the same time, two-way traffic for both cars and public transport will be restored on Gonsiori Street, which has been closed since March last year due to the construction of the Old City Harbour tramway. Additionally, from June 7, the southern branch of Ahtri Street will be opened to traffic, and traffic in the harbour area will be fully restored.

Due to water and sewer line construction by Tallinna Vesi and Utilitas, traffic restrictions will be implemented on various sections of F. R. Kreutzwaldi Street between Tartu maantee and Gonsiori Street starting June 10. In later stages, the Kreutzwaldi-Kunderi intersection will also be temporarily closed. Detours will use Pronksi Street, and pedestrian and cyclist access will be maintained. An agreement has been reached with Kesklinna Vene Gümnaasium school to suspend construction during exams and events. The current plan is for the work to continue until the end of summer.

On June 7, the Old City Harbour tramway construction will reach a stage where both directions of Gonsiori Street will be opened to public transport and regular vehicles, with a 1+1 lane available for crossing the Kaubamaja intersection. Inbound traffic to the city centre has already been possible.

Due to the construction on F. R. Kreutzwaldi Street and the tramway construction, the routes of bus lines No. 9, 31, 35, 42, 46, 55, and 94 will be altered. F. R. Kreutzwaldi Street will no longer be part of their route in either direction, with traffic redirected via Pronksi Street towards the city centre and via Gonsiori Street when leaving the city centre.

From June 7, traffic in the harbor area will be fully restored, and the southern branch of Ahtri Street will be opened. The section between Hobujaama and Jõe will initially have a speed limit until the final asphalt layer is laid. Concurrently, the left lane of the northern branch of Ahtri Street will be closed for approximately one week due to tram infrastructure construction.

With the opening of the southern branch of Ahtri Street, the bus stop locations for lines No. 8, 20, 20A, 34, 38, and 66 will be adjusted from the beginning of the workday on June 7. The Ahtri and Siimeoni (temporary) stops will be reinstated on the southern branch of Ahtri Street in the direction of Reidi tee.

Public transport users can find detailed information about all bus route changes and detours, as well as traffic management information and detour maps for car traffic, on the Old City Harbour tramway website at

Timetables, journey planners, route maps, and stops will be available on the website before the start of construction.