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Top architectural designs for Koidu Street presented to the public

Top architectural designs for Koidu Street presented to the public

In July last year, Tallinn announced a public architectural competition seeking concepts for Koidu Street as both a residential street and the main street of the Uus Maailm district. Today at 6 PM, a presentation of the top five architectural proposals for the competition will be held at Tallinna Humanitaargümnaasium (Koidu Street 97), aiming to involve local residents in the discussion before the jury makes its final decision.

The competition aims to transform the currently car-centric Koidu Street into an urban space prioritizing pedestrians and cyclists, integrating the district, and giving the street a unique identity with a balanced mobility environment, greener appearance, and new spaces for activities for all target groups. The area of focus for the architectural competition is the section of Koidu Street between Suur-Ameerika Street and Pärnu maantee. Out of the 15 submissions, all passed the qualification commission, and the top five are now presented to the public.

Vladimir Svet, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn and chairman of the architectural competition jury, noted that all the competition entries are of high quality, and the competition is closely contested.. "Our goal is to transform Koidu Street from a transit backyard into a space that prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists, integrating the district into a unified urban space. We expect the competition entries to introduce new functions to the streetscape, including creating a unique identity for Koidu Street as the main street of the district and proposing modern solutions that increase urban biodiversity. We aim to achieve all this by involving residents, as the local community, school community, and business owners have the best understanding of the street's daily operations," said Svet.

City Centre District Governor Monika Haukanõmm expressed the significance of Koidu Street to the local community and the need for a completely new quality of urban space that reflects the community's desires. "Streets with such importance to residents require more than just standard refurbishment. Koidu Street, the backbone of the Uus Maailm area, clearly needs a new quality of urban space that reflects the community's identity and considers their long-expressed desires. That's why a competition was organized for the reconstruction of Koidu Street, and I am pleased that all 15 submitted works qualified," Haukanõmm said.

The winner will be selected with a focus primarily on the needs of Koidu Street residents and the Tallinna Humanitaargümnaasium school community, in line with the strategic goal of "Home Starts From the Street" from the Tallinn 2035 development strategy.

The competition organizers, architects Kaidi Põldoja and Jaak-Adam Looveer from Tallinn Strategic Management Office’s Competence Centre for Spatial Planning, will present the works. The results of the meeting, serving as an expert evaluation from local community, will be submitted to the jury for consideration and background information to help finalize the ranking of the works. The top five proposals will also be considered in terms of estimated implementation costs, along with lessons learned from last year's Vana-Kalamaja Street project. The competition entries remain anonymous until the jury's final decision.

The architectural competition is conducted by the Tallinn Strategic Management Office in collaboration with the Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department, the Estonian Association of Architects, and the Estonian Association of Landscape Architects. In addition to the deputy mayor, the jury includes the city centre district governor, architects Jaak-Adam Looveer, Margus Maiste, and Katrin Koov, landscape architect Remi Kübar, and traffic expert Virko Noor. 

The architectural competition offers a prize fund of €43,000, with the first-place prize being €15,000. A total of five prizes will be awarded. Based on the winning entry of the architectural competition, the street's redesign will commence this year.

The top five competition entries can be viewed at, where a recording of the meeting will also be available. Feedback can be submitted via an online form until February 19.