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Traffic in Tallinn's city centre flows despite construction work

Traffic in Tallinn's city centre flows despite construction work

Following the restart of the Old City Harbour tramway construction on Monday, the traffic conditions in Tallinn’s city centre, initially complicated by changes in traffic management, are gradually stabilizing. Commuters are getting accustomed to the temporary traffic arrangements, and traffic regulators are now assisting at several intersections.

Traffic in the city centre has also been impacted this week by emergency works at the Endla and Suur-Ameerika intersection area, expected to conclude by Monday, further improving the traffic situation.

According to Indrek Gailan, the head of the Tallinn Transport Department, the most challenging conditions were observed on Monday, but the situation has been easing since. “Understandably, it takes time for drivers to adjust to the new traffic management in the construction area. However, traffic in the city centre is operational, although congestion can occur during peak hours. We remind everyone that, in addition to driving, it is also possible to move around the harbour area on foot, by bike, and by public transport,” stated Gailan.

The Tallinn Transport Department recommends using public transport whenever possible. Temporary traffic management has prioritized public transport as much as feasible, yet there may be delays of 7-10 minutes during peak times on public transport lines passing through the city centre.

Suggested detour schemes during construction can be found on the Old City Harbour tramway project website.

Tram services on the new route are scheduled to commence this fall, but the project’s final completion is expected in early 2025. The project is funded by the European Union through the NextGenerationEU recovery fund.