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Travel by self-driving bus in Kadriorg throughout September

Starting from 1 September until the end of the month, a self-driving bus will be operating in Kadriorg from Monday to Saturday. Riding the bus is free for passengers. The two-kilometre route starts and ends at Kumu Art Museum.

According to Tallinn Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet, trams number 1 and 3 can begin running in the Kadriorg direction starting from 1 October. Therefore, we aimed to explore the potential of self-driving buses in areas where regular public transport is not operating. “Self-driving buses have been tested before in various locations, including Kadriorg,” said Svet. “It is important to emphasise that these buses are not designed to replace trams but rather to offer an opportunity for experimenting with new transport solutions.”

The self-driving bus operates on a two-kilometre route from Monday to Saturday, between 07:30-10:30 and 13:00-16:00, with departures every 20 minutes. The bus does not operate on Sundays. The route starts and ends on Mäekalda Street near the Kumu Art Museum. The route runs from A. Weizenbergi, F. R. Faehlmanni, L. Koidula, J. Poska and A. Weizenbergi streets, featuring a total of six stops marked by temporary bus stop signs.

“The early starting time of our autonomous drives offers city residents the chance to kickstart their day in an exciting way and access additional transportation options in the area, especially considering the current rainy weather,” said Auve Tech Chairman of the Board Kaarel Variksaar.

The self-driving bus is a joint pilot project between the Tallinn Transport Department and Auve Tech OÜ, aimed at exploring the possibilities for using self-driving buses. Auve Tech OÜ has undertaken similar environmentally friendly mobility projects in 16 countries, demonstrating that this approach is not only practical but also embraced by local communities. The buses are always equipped with a safety personnel who assesses the safety of each movement and intervenes if necessary. The self-driving bus moves at a slow speed and does not pose a danger to others in traffic.