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Two Pronksi Street intersections now open to traffic

Two Pronksi Street intersections now open to traffic

Pronksi Street reconstruction works continue in Tallinn City Centre; however, starting today, the Pronksi–Raua and Pronksi–Gonsiori intersections are open to traffic.

Heading towards Kesklinn through Gonsiori Street, drivers can make a right turn onto Pronksi Street. Traffic along Gonsiori Street is open until the Raua Street intersection; also open to traffic is the section of Pronksi Street between Gonsiori and Raua streets.

“The aforementioned intersections were closed to traffic for months, and their reopening will bring relief to both residents and businesses in the area,” said Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet. “Opening traffic near the fire tower helps businesses in Kesklinn receive more clients and ensures that food delivery workers reach their destinations more easily. No doubt the reconstruction of Jõe and Pronksi streets will be a time intensive project that affects the daily lives and traffic of many city residents. It is however good to know that this large-scale project is reaching its final phase, and starting from autumn city residents will be able to move about in a modern and safe environment.”

The complete reconstruction of Jõe and Pronksi streets began in the autumn of last year. This will transform the current car-centred streetscape into a modern and safe one that takes all modes of traffic into consideration. As a result of the reconstruction, pedestrian movement possibilities will be improved and bicycle paths separated from the main road, in addition to green pockets as small stopovers for pedestrians, will be created. In addition, the streets will have plenty of new greenery – an alley of trees will adorn the street on both sides. In total, 43 new trees and 1372 bushes will be planted during the reconstruction.

All of the underground systems will be updated – water, sewerage, gas, electrical systems. Infrastructure for up-to-date streetlighting will also be built.