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Vanasadam tramway construction alters traffic around Tallinn Creative Hub

The construction of the Vanasadam tramway will cause traffic changes in the area around the intersection of Kursi Street and Põhja pst. until mid-September. From Tuesday 6 June, the section of Kursi Street in front of the Tallinn Creative Hub will be closed to traffic. From 26 June, the intersection of Põhja pst. and Kursi Street will also be closed.

During the construction work in the area around the intersection of Kursi Street and Põhja pst., the city is rearranging the underground communications network because of the construction of the Vanasadam tramway.

Traffic is redirected during the closure but this won’t bring any additional changes to the public transport system. During the period of construction work, we recommend avoiding driving a car in the city centre if possible.

On the Vanasadam tramway website, public transport users can get a detailed overview of the bus rerouting and car users can find info on traffic management with rerouting schemes.

The result of the Vanasadam tram line construction work in the summer of 2024 will be a nearly 2.5 km section of a new tram line that starts at the crossing of Kivisilla and Gonsiori Street and ends on Põhja pst. The installation of the tram rails will be followed by installing pavement on the road and sidewalks, traffic control equipment, bus shelters and other urban fixtures and greenery along the tram line route that will last until the end of the contract in February 2025.