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Voters can apply to vote from home for compelling reasons

Voters can apply to vote from home for compelling reasons

Tallinn voters who cannot vote in the local elections at the polling place because of a health condition or other compelling reasons can order a ballot box at home by contacting the city district government.

The ballot box can only be ordered to your home if you live in your registered electoral district according to the population register.

"In case a person is infected with the coronavirus or in self-isolation, they should vote at home. The district government can help organise a ballot box to the voter’s home on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We suggest you apply for voting from home as soon as possible," said the Chairman of the Tallinn Electoral Committee, City Secretary Priit Lello. "It is also possible to vote electronically until 8 pm on Saturday evening."

An application in written form or via a call should be submitted to the district government in due time. The written application must reach the district government no later than October 17 by 2 pm. The application form is available at /est/g29890s141375. The digitally signed application can also be sent to the district government's e-mail address, which can be found at /eng/elections/Voting-from-home.

Applications can be submitted by telephone on Friday and Saturday, October 15 and 16, from 12 noon to 8 pm, and on Sunday, October 17, from 9 am to 2 pm. Applications are accepted by district governments at the following telephone numbers:

• Haabersti - 640 4815, 640 4816

• Kesklinn - 645,785; 645 7850; 645 7854

• Kristiine - 645 7127, 645 7128

• Lasnamäe - 645 7740, 645 7732

• Mustamäe - 645 7512, 645 7515

• Nõmme - 645 7318, 645 7313

• Pirita - 645 7641

• Põhja-Tallinn - 645 7057, 645 7055

You can vote from home from Friday to Sunday, October 15-17, from 9 am to 8 pm. The polling station committee shall contact each voter separately and agree on a suitable time.