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Water main construction to start next week on Suur-Ameerika Street

Water main construction to start next week on Suur-Ameerika Street

Starting Tuesday, June 25, water and sewer line construction will begin on Suur-Ameerika Street, resulting in traffic restrictions and changes to public transport routes.

Due to the construction work by Tallinna Vesi, both directions of vehicle traffic will be closed on Suur-Ameerika Street between Toom-Kuninga and Õllepruuli streets from June 25. Additionally, the Toom-Kuninga intersection will be closed to vehicles. Pedestrian access will be maintained.

From July 14, one-way vehicle traffic towards Kristiine will be opened on Suur-Ameerika Street, and partial traffic will be restored at the Toom-Kuninga intersection. Both sidewalks on Suur-Ameerika Street will be opened for pedestrians.

Access to Õllepruuli Street from Pärnu maantee will be maintained throughout the construction period.

Due to the construction on Suur-Ameerika Street, bus route 47 will be altered in both directions from the start of the workday on June 25 until the end of the workday on August 25. In the direction of the Tallnn Bus Station (Bussijaam), bus 47 will follow the route: Endla Street, Tõnismägi Street, Pärnu maantee, Liivalaia Street. In the direction of Väike-Õismäe, the bus route will be: Liivalaia Street, Pärnu maantee, Tõnismägi Street, Kaarli puiestee, Toompuiestee, Endla Street.

The work will be carried out by Watercom OÜ, with the completion date set for August 25.

Detailed schedules, routes, and stops can be found on the website