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Winter school break offers athletic and creative activities

Winter school break offers athletic and creative activities

From February 26 to March 3, the school break offers children in Tallinn both athletic and creative winter camps and events.

Deputy Mayor Andrei Kante stated that the activities organized during the school holiday offer more than just entertainment for children. “We have compiled activities offered by various institutions that allow young people to discover new interests, develop social skills, and form strong friendships. Such experiences teach them important life skills like teamwork, self-expression, and responsibility,” Kante observed.

The table tennis school Spinmaster invites 6-18-year-olds to get acquainted with table tennis, thereby developing agility, reaction speed, motor skills, attention, endurance, self-control, and flexibility. Tallinn University of Technology's tech training camp offers 3rd-6th graders educational workshops such as animation, robotics, 3D modeling and printing, woodworking, and science experiments, along with athletic games. Koit Dance School's acrobatics and trick school camp offers 6-14-year-olds experience in various acrobatics workshops, which contribute to mental, physical, and emotional well-being, with guidance from professionals in their field.

In the ARS Art Factory printmaking studio art camp, young people from the age of 10 create animation that creates the illusion of movement and sun prints with UV lamps, learn color printing with linocut, discuss art, and visit exhibitions and artists' studios. At the Estonian Children's Literature Centre's family morning, everyone can listen to storyteller Polina Tšerkassova's fairy tales, where real-life stories intertwine with fairy tales heard at home or in far-off lands, accompanied by her own music on very exotic instruments. Until March 2, the Children's Literature Centre's hall and stair gallery host an exhibition of book illustrations and postage stamp images by Latvian artist Arta Ozola-Jaunarāja titled "Picture Story."

Craft enthusiasts have a reason to head to the Kalamaja Community Museum, where they can make their own tic-tac-toe, fishing game, and the traditional Indian board game lau kata kati. After the workshop, you can play old board games, hide and seek, piano, or listen to music from vinyl records with friends. In the Candle Month workshop, candles are decorated with dried plants, wax paper, and crayons. Kullo's "Holiday Variation" city camp invites 1st-4th graders to participate in creative activities both outdoors and indoors, playing board, team, movement, and entrepreneurship games. In the Nõmme glass and ceramic studio's ceramic workshop, 6-16-year-olds create a glazed high-fire ceramic utility item or small sculpture.

At the Mustamäe Youth Centre, under the guidance of a volunteer from France, you can learn tap dancing, which is easy to engage in both indoors and outdoors, and helps to build endurance and benefits overall physical health. Additionally, with the volunteer, you can learn French language and culture and prepare French cuisine. The Põhja-Tallinn Youth Centre will visit the Film Museum's permanent exhibition "Take ONE," where they will get a closer look at the process of filmmaking and explore the stages of film production. At the end of February, they will visit the Radio 4 studio and learn about its operations.

This year, the school holiday program can be found on the new platform:, which, in addition to activities during school holidays, offers activity options at other times. The new platform, thanks to its filtering system, creates a favorable opportunity for quicker access to relevant and interesting information.