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Youth Song and Dance Celebration brings temporary traffic changes

The 13th Youth Song and Dance Celebration taking place next week brings temporary traffic changes to the City Centre and Song Festival Ground areas during the event and the days preceding it. Depending on the date and time, traffic restrictions will be in place in several locations. Traffic is influenced the most by the procession, the Dance Celebration performances and the concert at the Song Festival Grounds.

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet calls upon everybody to be more careful and considerate in traffic during the Song and Dance Celebration. “Tens of thousands of people who are not used to big city traffic are moving about in the capital during the celebration week,” said Svet. “We have taken the celebrations and the procession into consideration in the road work schedules, but larger disturbances are inevitable. We advise you to use public transportation and to spare more time. To make things smoother, we will have several public transport routes operate on a tighter schedule and bus routes 80 and 81 will be put into operation, taking passengers from Theatre Square to Kalevi Stadium and the Song Festival Grounds.”

Traffic restrictions will be put into place on the streets surrounding the Kalevi Central Stadium as of Monday, 26 June. The restrictions apply partially or fully to Võistluse, Staadioni, Püssirohu and Herne streets and Toonela Road. Access to closed street sections will be provided to residents and to vehicles with organiser permits.

Traffic is restricted during the celebrations from 30 June to 2 July when tens of thousands of pedestrians will assemble on the streets for the concerts and procession in the area as well as for the few hours when the masses move back to the City Centre after the concerts.

On Friday, 30 June, from 14-22 and on Saturday, 1 July, from 13-22, Juhkentali Street is closed to regular traffic due to the Dance Celebration performances. Access is provided to public transportation and vehicles with organiser permits.

Sunday, 2 July, is the day of the Song Celebration. Sections of Narva Road (until the Song Festival Grounds) and Reidi Road and Pirita Road leaving the City Centre are closed for regular traffic from 10-22 due to the procession moving from the Centre to the Song Festival Grounds and the concert taking place there. The usual bus routes going along Narva Road to Lasnamäe (Nos. 29, 35, 44, 51, 52, 60, 63 and 66) will be redirected from 7-14 and from 19:30 until the end of the day.

In relation to the Song Celebration procession on 2 July, Freedom Square, Kaarli Avenue, Roosikrantsi Street, Hariduse Street, Tõnismäe Street, Toompea Street (section between Kaarli Avenue and Falgi Road), Wismari Street (section between Toompea Street and Toompuiestee), Toompuiestee (section between Wismari and Endla), Luise Street (section between Toompuiestee and Koidu Street), Koidu Street (section between Luise and Endla), Endla Street (section between Suur-Ameerika and Tõnismäe) and Pärnu Road (section between Liivalaia Street and Viru Street) will be closed to traffic from 7-13 (except public transport, which will have access from 07:30-09:30) due to the assembly and movement of the procession.

Due to the changes in traffic, the routes for buses No. 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 16, 17, 17A, 18, 18A, 20, 20A, 21, 21B, 23, 24, 34, 36, 38, 40, 41B, 42 and 73 and trolley buses No. 1 and 3 will be changed on 2 July. Trams No. 1, 3 and 6 will not be operational from 7-14 due to the procession. Information will be posted in the non-operational stops. You can see the schedules and changes at

The organisers of the celebration ask you to follow the temporary street signs and the instructions of traffic controllers. More information about traffic management during the 13th Youth Song and Dance Celebration is available on the webpage

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