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Outdated directional signs from streets to be removed

The city plans to gradually reduce street clutter by removing outdated and unnecessary directional signs, focusing instead on keeping only essential public institution or destination markers, while signs pointing to business locations will be phased out.

Renovated Vana-Kalamaja Street to be reopened

The reconstruction works on Vana-Kalamaja Street in Põhja-Tallinn are approaching completion. The project resulted in a high-quality urban space that ensures safe and comfortable travel for people, with a focus on promoting walking and cycling. The renovated street will be opened during a street festival, which takes place from 1-3 September. The regular route of bus line number 3 will resume on 1 September and the street will reopen to car traffic on the evening of 3 September.
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Tallinn seeks a new spatial narrative for the Song Festival Grounds through a design competition

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds Foundation and Tallinn Strategic Management Office are launching a public design competition to find a comprehensive spatial vision for the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds that would allow for an expansion and a more varied use of the grounds, while preserving the tradition of the Song Festivals. The deadline for submission of tenders is 7 November 2022 at 17:00.