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From next week, the route of bus No 3 in Tallinn city centre will change

As of Monday 11 July 2022, the route of bus number 3 will be changed in the city centre, with the bus no longer passing through Mere puiestee, but instead going from city centre to Toompuiestee and from there to Kalamaja and Kopli.

"The change of the route of bus number 3 is linked to a broader plan to change the traffic management in the city centre and in the northern part of the city in order to reduce the number of cars passing through the narrow streets of Kalamaja and to create better traffic conditions for cyclists," explained Deputy Mayor Andrei Novikov. "As the new traffic scheme does not allow for a left turn from Suurtüki street to Rannamäe tee, the bus will move from the other side of the Old Town, i.e. along Kaarli puiestee and Toompuiestee. It will also provide a direct connection between the Baltic Station and Freedom Square, which has been long anticipated by many residents."    

From 11 July, the route of bus No 3 in the direction of Randla will be as follows: Koidu, Vana-Lõuna, Tehnika, Veerenni, Liivalaia and Ants Lauter streets, Rävala puiestee, Kaubamaja street, Estonia and Kaarli puiestee, Toompuiestee, Rannamäe tee, Põhja puiestee and Soo, Tööstuse, Kopli, Sõle and Madala streets. A new section on this route will extend from Kaubamaja street to Rannamäe tee.

On the Randla route, the stops will be Kitseküla, Varre, Õilme, Veerenni, Liivalaia, Hotell Olümpia, Kaubamaja, Estonia, Vabaduse väljak, Tõnismägi, Hotell Tallinn, Toompark, Balti jaam, Linnahall, Kalamaja, Kungla, Volta, Erika, Karjamaa, Tööstuse, Maleva, Lõime, Madala, Kari and Randla.

The stops cancelled on this route are Kivisilla, Pronksi, Hobujaama and Mere puiestee; the nearest stops are Kaubamaja and Estonia.

The bus route in the direction of Vana-Lõuna will run through Madala, Randla, Kari, Sõle, Kopli, Tööstuse, Vana-Kalamaja and Niine streets, Põhja puiestee, Suurtüki street, Rannamäe tee, Toompuiestee, Kaarli and Estonia puiestee, Teatri väljak and Lembitu, Liivalaia, Veerenni and Tehnika streets. The new section on this route will include the section from Rannamäe tee to Estonia puiestee.

On the Vana-Lõuna route, the bus No 3 stops at Randla, Pelguranna, Kari, Madala, Lõime, Maleva, Tööstuse, Karjamaa, Erika, Volta, Kungla, Kalamaja, Põhja puiestee, Balti jaam, A. Adamson, Vabaduse väljak, Estonia, Keskhaigla, Liivalaia, Veerenni, Õilme, Varre and Kitseküla.

The stops cancelled in this direction are Linnahall, Mere puiestee and A. Laikmaa; the nearest stop is Estonia.

To find the best route, travellers are invited to use the Tallinna Public Transport Planner:

Changes in bus route No 3 from 11 July 2022