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Erasmus+ project ‘Healthy Food, Happy Life’

Erasmus+ project ‘Healthy Food, Happy Life’

Erasmus+ project ‘Healthy Food, Happy Life’

(Estonia, Germany, Czech, Poland)


Erasmus+ project ‘Healthy Food, Happy Life’ aims to encourage students from Estonia, Germany, Czech and Poland to work together on the basis of their common European heritage. Our main goal is to study healthy nutrition and sustainable action at regional and European level. 

The 1st workshop in Ostrava, Czech (hosted by PRIGO) focused on sustainability and resource-saving handling of food - in production, transport, sales and disposal. 


Erasmus+ project ‘Places to Create’ PACT

(Estonia, Austria, Italy, France)


During the 3rd workshop ‘Places to Preserve’ of Erasmus+ project ‘Places to Create’ in Graz, Austria (hosted by MS/BG/BRG Klusemannstraße) and Châteaubriant, France students from Estonia, Austria, France (hosted by Collège de la Ville Aux Roses) and Italy discussed European responsibility towards the environment and society. Our students and their partners had to do research to prepare presentations about different environmental factors of their region and countries that have an impact on their/our daily life. 


Last modified 11.11.2022