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Packaging and packaging waste

plastmetalljoogikartong_EN.jpgklaaspakend_EN.jpgpappjapaberpakend_EN.jpgThe following must be put in a packaging container:

  • Plastic packaging: yoghurt or butter tubs; oil, ketchup and mayonnaise bottles; packaging of cosmetic products (e.g. cream jars, shampoo bottles); plastic dishes and boxes; plastic bags and Clingfilm; other clean plastic packaging.
  • Glass packaging: glass bottles without tax labels, glass jars, other clean glass packaging.
  • Metal packaging: tins, metal lids and tops of food and drink packaging, other clean metal packaging.
  • Drink cartons: clean milk, juice and yoghurt cartons.

The following must not be put in a packaging container: packaging that is soiled with food or half-full, plastic toys, packaging of hazardous substances (e.g. household chemicals), aerosol packaging (e.g. hairspray), window glass and glass sheets, lighting bulbs.

NB! There are approximately 300 public packaging collection points in Tallinn where packaging can be deposited free of charge. If you put packaging waste in the same container as your mixed household waste, you pay double for its handling as the price of handing the packaging has already been added to the product.

Service description: Separate collection of packaging waste

Last modified 12.12.2021