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Park and Ride

Park and Ride

Park and Ride is a free system that allows you to park your vehicle in a car park in the city’s outskirts and then use public transport to commute within the city. You don’t have to be a Tallinn resident to use Park and Ride.

Instructions on using the Park and Ride system

In order to use Park and Ride, you must have a personalised Smartcard (you have to add a 3 euro deposit to your card). You must validate your Smartcard before entering and leaving the car park as well as immediately after entering public transport. You can use your Smartcard to enable free ride for up to four of your co-passengers. 
The Tallinn Park and Ride ticket is not valid on Elron trains and Harju County lines.

1. When entering the car park, validate your Smartcard to open the barrier.

2. Parking and use of public transport is FREE if you validate your journey on public transport with the Smartcard.

3. When exiting the car park, validate your Smartcard to open the barrier. Please vacate the parking spot before 3:59 am
Pargi ja reisi parkla

  • You need a personalised Smartcard to use the free Park and Ride service. You should also add a 3 euro deposit on your Smartcard (to make a mobile payment, call 1322*603*Smartcard number).
  • If you do not validate your Smartcard in Tallinn public transport or vacate the parking spot after 3:59am, the card deposit will not be reimbursed.

Using public transport with other people

Up to four fellow passengers can use public transport with you for free. To add passengers:
• validate your entrance to the parking lot with the transportation card,
• use the arrows to add up to four passengers who will be riding with you on public transport for free,
• select "OK",
• validate your ticket to confirm the number of passengers.
Passengers must ride in the same public transport as you and they do not need to validate their transportation card in this case. If the number of passengers is added to your transportation card when you enter the parking lot, then in a vehicle it is enough to validate your card once. In this case, it is not necessary to buy additional tickets from the public transport validator.

When validating your transportation card in public transport without selecting the number of additional passengers, no additional ticket is sold, but the validated travel information is shown again.

If the fellow passenger validates his transportation card while entering the parking lot, a parking ticket will be sold to his/her card, and he/she must follow the instructions for using the P&R parking lot to get the ticket money back.

Free places at Park and Ride parking lots (real time) 



Contact us! 

If you have a problem while using the car park, call 14410.

If you have lost your Smartcard or have a problem with validating your Smartcard, call 6118000.


Last modified 21.02.2024