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Here you can find information about paid parking in Tallinn. Where and when do you have to pay for parking? How can you pay for parking using your phone or where are the parking metres? 

In Tallinn, you can park:

  • In private paid car parks (AS ÜhisteenusedEuroparkBarkingparking houses, etc.)

  • In Tallinn’s public paid parking zones (marked on the map)

  • In a free parking zone (parking spots on the streets and car parks that are outside the paid parking zones)

The driver must know which zone they are parking their vehicle in. The following page will give you more information and instructions regarding parking in Tallinn’s public paid parking zones.


If you have any questions, call the information helpline 6 511 515 or send an e-mail at [email protected].

Transport Department parking info 640 4994.

Locations of parking meters

Map of parking zones

Public non-surveilled paid parking in Tallinn is divided into four parking zones: City Centre, Downtown, Old Town and Pirita. Use the online map search tool to look up which zone a certain street belongs to.

Pirita parking zone on the map

15 minutes of free parking

Analoog parkimiskell.jpg

If the driver has recorded the start of their parking time in writing or on a parking clock on the windscreen of the vehicle, the first 15 minutes of parking in public paid parking zones are free of charge. To indicate the start of your parking time, you must place either the parking clock or paper slip in a visible spot on the windshield.

(If you are using your mobile phone to pay for parking, you can use the free parking time by adding ‘15’ to the end of your message. Example: 123ABC KESKLINN15 or 123ABC SYDALINN15)

NB! 15 minutes of free parking applies only in Tallinn’s public paid parking zones – IT DOES NOT APPLY IN PRIVATE CAR PARKS (e.g. Europark car parks).

Parking in a public paid parking zone is free for two-wheeled motor vehicles.

Paid parking times and prices

  • One minute of parking: 0.025 euros
  • Monthly pass: 150 euros
  • Paid parking: Mon-Fri 07:00-19:00, Sat 08:00-15:00
  • Sundays FREE

On public holidays, the parking rate is according to the day of the week.

  • One minute of parking: 0.08 euros
  • Monthly pass: 250 euros
  • Paid parking: 24h
  • One minute of parking: 0.01 euros
  • Paid parking: 15 May-15 September 10:00-22:00

Parking payment options

The driver must pay the parking fee right before or shortly after setting the parking timer. The first 15 minutes of parking are free of charge if the start time of parking is recorded (either with a parking clock or a paper slip) and placed visibly on the windshield.

You can pay for parking using:

  • a mobile phone (by SMS or the app)
  • a parking meter (only accepts cash)
  • an online monthly parking pass. You can buy Tallinn monthly parking passes from the online self-service. For more information and bookings, call 651 1515 or e-mail [email protected].

Mobile parking

How to start parking by SMS

To fix the start time of your parking, send an SMS to 1902 including the vehicle registration number and the name of the parking zone (separated by a space). Example: 123ABC VANALINN

(If you are using your mobile phone to pay for parking, you can use the free parking time by adding ‘15’ to the end of your message. Example: 123ABC KESKLINN15 or 123ABC SYDALINN15)

  • To stop parking, call 1903.
  • Call 1901 to start parking with your previous parking details.
Learn more about mobile parking
  • Only one active parking session can be activated from one mobile number at once.
  • Please do not leave your vehicle before you have received confirmation that your parking session is active. 
  • Even if you cannot use your mobile phone for parking for some reason, you must still pay the parking fee. You can use a different payment method, such as a parking ticket.
  • If the mobile parking system is down, you must still pay for parking. You should use a different payment method, such as a parking ticket.
  • A mobile operator fee will be added to the parking fee.
  • In case of problems, call our customer service number 651 1515 (Mon-Fri 9.00-16.00).

Mobile parking without an Estonian mobile operator

  • The PARGI.EE mobile app works on both Android and iOS platforms . You can download the app for free from Google Play or the AppStore.
  • NB! This app is for people who do not have a contract with an Estonian mobile operator, as it allows users to pay for parking with their bank card. The app supports bank card payments with MasterCard and VISA cards.
  • The app can be used in eight different languages (Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, German and French).

Parking meters

Parking meters in Tallinn accept 10, 20 and 50 cent coins as well as 1 and 2 euro coins. You can also find instructions on the parking meters (in Estonian, Russian and English). The meter does not return money. See the online map for parking meter locations.

  • Wismari 15
  • Tatari 64
  • Liivalaia 12
  • Liivalaia 24
  • Jakobi 12
  • Väike-Ameerika 7
  • Lastekodu st. 13 (this machine accepts 5€, 10€, 20€ and 50€ notes and coins, machine does not return banknotes)
  • J. Poska 49
  • Kopli 4
  • Põhja pst 33 (behind the Circle K)
  • Faehlmanni 18
  • Köleri 4
  • Sakala 20 (Sakala st. / Tatari st. crossing)
  • Sakala 20 (Sakala st. / Tatari st. crossing) Rävala pst 14
  • Tõnismäe st and Hariduse st crossing*
  • Estonia pst 7
  • Rävala pst 5
  • Roosikrantsi st. 10
  • near Kaubamaja shopping centre, Laikmaa st.
  • Lauteri st 8
  • G. Otsa street
  • Narva rd 7
  • Roseni 11
  • Ahtri 12
  • Rannamäe tee 1
  • Mere blvd 6
  • * This parking machine print tickets to SÜDALINN and KESKLINN parking zones.

  • Nunne st. parking
  • Müürivahe st. 3
  • Toompea st. and Falgi st. crossing
  • Lai st. 25
  • Pärnu mnt. 4 Valli parking
  • Aia st. 5a
  • Uus st. 37
  • Suur-Karja st. 18

Merivälja tee 1e

Parking fines in Tallinn

The parking enforcement officers of AS Ühisteenused monitor parking payments in Tallinn’s public paid public zones and impose fines if the parking fee has not been paid. If you have any further questions or need more information, call the Transport Department parking sector helpline 640 4994.

Imposition and payment of parking fines
  • A parking fine is imposed when the driver of the motor vehicle has failed to pay the parking fee or has exceeded the paid parking time.
  • The fine shall be paid by the owner of the motor vehicle or trailer. If there is an entry of an authorised user of the vehicle or trailer in the Traffic Register, they shall pay the fine instead.
  • The rate of the fine is 31 euros per day.
  • If the parking fee has been paid at a lower rate, the fine is 15 euros per day. For example, if the parking fee has been paid for the Downtown zone (a zone with lower rates), but the vehicle is actually parked in the Old Town zone (a zone with higher rates).
  • You can find the payment information on the fine for delay. The fine must be paid within 14 days of receiving it.
  • Review your parking fines at the online self-service.

Appealing a parking fine
  • If the owner or user of a motor vehicle finds that the parking fine violates their rights, they can appeal the decision and file an appeal to the Tallinn Transport Department or Tallinn Administrative Court within 30 days of receiving the fine.
  • You can file an appeal online at the AS Ühisteenused website.
  • You can also file your appeal by e-mail. Appealing the fine.
  • Filing an appeal does not exempt you from paying the parking fine!

  • If your appeal is granted but you have already paid the parking fine, you can ask for reimbursement by filing a petition. See: Reimbursement of parking fines.

Parking permits and concessions

Last modified 21.02.2024