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Guidelines for submitting ideas 2022/2023

Guidelines for submitting ideas 2022/2023

Idea submitting for Tallinn participatory budget will be open from 12TH September to 3RD October 2022. 

Things to keep in mind when submitting an idea:

  • Accurate data: name, telephone number and e-mail address must be provided on the data collection form so that the expert committee can contact you quickly, if necessary.
  • Give the idea a name that briefly introduces the proposal.
  • Mention the purpose and importance of the proposal and justify why this project should be funded by the city budget. For example, which existing problem would be solved by carrying out this project or which new opportunity would be created in the city district (or the entire city). Think about whether the idea could be carried out within 12 months and whether the amount of the budget set for the city district would be enough to cover it. The idea can also be illustrated with links or photos from other parts of the world.
  • Provide a detailed description of the location the project would be carried out. Add a specific address or a link from a map.
  • Provide an estimated amount of the costs necessary for carrying out the idea. Mention whether you plan to add your own contribution or other funding sources if the costs are bigger than the set amount.
  • Attach other necessary information with the idea form. For example, a drawing, a sketch or a photo illustrating the idea.
  • Be aware that by submitting the idea and data you agree to the data protection rules of the City of Tallinn.
  • All citizens must be able to use the facility, be it establishing a new public facility or enhancing, improving or extending an existing facility (a community site for public use, a public playground, etc).
  • It is not possible to submit an investment site that is related to the activities of a city institution, the city or the financial year of a legal person governed by private law with the involvement of the city.
    For example, it is not possible to submit a residential project or developments that the city has confirmed by contracts. Only those projects where direct commercial gain is not possible are put up for vote.
  • The idea must be related to the development goals of Tallinn. Consider this before submitting the idea. Helpful materials: Tallinn development strategythe future map of the city districts; other documents on the development strategy. See also the Green Capital principles

Ideas can be submitted in five categories:
1) children/young people; 2) green city environment; 3) safety; 4) sports and leisure; 5) other.

Ideas can be submitted digitally on the website or on paper, either at the front desk of the Tallinn City Office (Vabaduse väljak 7) or at the respective city district government.

Basic requirements for submitting ideas

Check the regulation adopted by Tallinn City Government HERE (documents are in Estonian).

More information

E-mail: [email protected]

Last modified 19.09.2023