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Põhja-Tallinn ideas 2023/2024

Põhja-Tallinn ideas 2023/2024

Põhja-Tallinn 1

Drinking water tap to Balti station!

Joogivee kraan Balti jaama

Every day, thousands of people pass through Balti station and visit the market there. Unfortunately, there is not a single drinking water tap in the area of ​​the station, the market, or the newly completed station square. On hot summer days, this deficiency shows itself painfully.

Location: Balti station
Idea presented by: Ave Voolaid
Code on voting: Põhja-Tallinn 1
Põhja-Tallinn 2

Where is the bird's home? Bird nest boxes
Lindude pesakastid
Let’s get 1000 new nest boxes in North Tallinn for the coming spring! Nesting boxes can be installed in parks, promenades and pin the Merimetsa forest. We can divide the installation works over several days and do it, for example, by involving the citizens

Location: Various locations in Põhja-Tallinn
Idea presented by: Leelo Vahersalu
Code on voting: Põhja-Tallinn 2
Põhja-Tallinn 3

Kopli Kase park outdoor gym development
Kase pargi välijõusaal
Let’s improve the outdoor gym in Kase Park with equipment designed for training different muscle groups. In this way, we bring the power campus of Kase park to the top level.

Location: Kopli Kase park
Presenter of the idea: Karl Hanso
Code on voting: Põhja-Tallinn 3
Põhja-Tallinn 4

Public stands (lockers) for lost keys
Let’s set up public lost key lockers in  Stroomi area as many people lose their keys there.

Location: Stroomi
Presenter of the idea: Margit Paakspuu
Code on voting: Põhja-Tallinn 4
Põhja-Tallinn 5

Vandalism-proof bike maintenance stations
Vandalism-proof self-service repair points for bicycles, where you can pump up the tires, adjust the saddle of the vehicle and set the bike in riding order. The service station is equipped with a reinforced and more vandal-proof hand pump, and it also includes a metal adapter suitable for different valves.

Location: Various locations in Põhja-Tallinn
Idea submitted by: Aleksei Kokosha
Code on voting: Põhja-Tallinn 5
Põhja-Tallinn 6

Footrests for cyclists at intersections
A special footrest allows cyclists to stop and move safely and efficiently in the intersection area. The lower part of the bike rack is equipped with a footrest, and the cyclist can comfortably place his hand on the upper part.

Location: Various locations in Põhja-Tallinn

Idea submitted by: Aleksei Kokosha
Code on voting: Põhja-Tallinn 6
Põhja-Tallinn 7

Establishment of a outoor gym in Kalaranna area (in Noblessner, near the Kalamaja park)
The Kalaranna Street area is very popular among walkers and fitness athletes. The gym would give everyone an additional opportunity to maintain and develop their physical fitness in the comfort of their home area. Thanks to the exchangeable weights of the equipment, everyone can choose the weights according to their desire and physical ability.

Location: Noblessner, near Kalamaja Park
Idea submitted by: Ott Kiivikas, Nikita Groznov
Code on voting: Põhja-Tallinn 7
Põhja-Tallinn 8

Pelgulinna street library
The street library adds a new place to the city district that connects children, young people and adults and offers Pelgulinna residents an opportunity to share and reuse books. It helps to value books more and to find a new home for unused books and games.

Location: Pelgulinna district
Idea by: Margaret Tali and Bart Cosijn
Code on voting: Põhja-Tallinn 8
Põhja-Tallinn 9

Be with the sea! Art object to Stroom beach
Uks merele
The idea is to install a stylized door frame on Stroom Beach with a human-sized door that can be opened and closed. Metaphorically, it is a kind of "portal" to another world - the world of the sea and inner freedom. On the one hand, it is an art object that will become a specific visiting card of the region and perhaps more broadly of Tallinn as a seaside city.

Location: Stroomi beach
Presenter of the idea: Sergey Ovchenkov, Vadim Malyshkin
Code on voting: Põhja-Tallinn 9
Põhja-Tallinn 10

Põhja-Tallinn photo wall
There are already photo walls in Tallinn with the names of the city itself and districts, such as Mustamäe or Lasnamäe. Now is the time to install such a photo wall to Põhja-Tallinn area for everyone to take pictures. A photo wall could be installed either on the Stroomi beach or next to the Putukväil public garden.

Location: Põhja-Tallinn
Idea submitted by: Sergey Ovchenkov
Code on voting: Põhja-Tallinn 10
Põhja-Tallinn 11

Barbecue places on Stroom beach
Reconstructing the current barbecue places on Stroomi beach and adding new places.

Location: Stroomi beach
Idea submitted by: Sergey
Code on voting: Põhja-Tallinn 11
Põhja-Tallinn 12

Information stands with old photos and history of Põhja-Tallinn
Vanad fotod
Let's install information boards in Põhja-Tallinn with photos of how these places looked years ago. The location and direction of the information labels should correspond to the angle from which the photo was taken.

Location: Various locations in Põhja-Tallinn
Idea presented by: Jaroslav
Code on voting: Põhja-Tallinn 12

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