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Results 2021/2022

Results 2021/2022

The results of the public voting of Tallinn II participatory budget were published on 15 December 2021.

  • The idea with the most votes in the city district of Haabersti ‘Toilets and outdoor showers on Kakumäe beach — an appealing, comfortable and environmentally friendly solution’, 356 votes.
    A proposal to build appealing and environmentally friendly public toilets and showers on Kakumäe beach. The goal of the idea is to build a beautiful pavilion free for anyone to use on Kakumäe beach, including flushing toilets, outdoor showers, a drinking fountain, a mother-and-baby room and lockers. The pavilion would transform Kakumäe beach to a perfect place to spend time for people with a variety of needs.
  • The idea with the most votes in the City Centre district ‘More trees in the city centre’, 706 votes.
    A proposal to plant more bushes and trees in the City Centre, specifically in parks, on the edges of streets and the grass patches between crossroads that belong to the city. Such landscaping would help to alleviate summer heat and allow residents to move around in the shade. It would also help to neutralise the carbon footprint of the residents, suppress noise and create a more scenic and pleasant city space.
  • The idea with the most votes in the city district of Kristiine ‘Three high-quality outdoor gyms in Kristiine’, 208 votes.
    A proposal to build three outdoor gyms with adjustable weights in Kristiine that would give its residents a year-round opportunity to enjoy outdoor strength training that is just as high in quality as in indoor gyms. The possible locations for the outdoor gyms would be Tedre 58, Sõstra 1a and Kännu 86.
  • The idea with the most votes in the city district of Lasnamäe ‘Public restrooms in parks’, 389 votes.
    A proposal to build public restrooms near larger playgrounds. The proposal would include two stationary restrooms in Pae and Kivila parks.
  • The idea with the most votes in the city district of Mustamäe ‘Outdoor gym in Sütiste forest’, 488 votes.
    A proposal to build a public outdoor gym near the sports hall at Tervise 21 that would have the same quality and comfort as an indoor gym.
  • The idea with the most votes in the city district of Nõmme ‘Vision for a K50 ski jump hill at the Nõmme Ski Jumping Tower’, 352 votes. The idea with second-most votes (248), ‘Bicycle houses and racks at Nõmme public transport stops’, will be carried out as well.
    The winning proposal suggests building an extended platform for the highest floor of the ski jumping tower, which would be used as an observation deck for athletes as well as Nõmme residents and other visitors. Because the winning proposal only requires the production of documentation, the remaining budget will be used to complete the second place project of building bicycle houses and racks at Nõmme public transport stops.
  • The idea with the most votes in the city district of Pirita is ‘Constructing a diverse school park in the yard of Pirita Secondary School’, 268 votes.
    A proposal to create a versatile yard area on the school premises that promotes outdoor learning, including climbing walls, seating areas and bike tracks. The yard area would give students an opportunity to communicate after school hours. It would also encourage outdoor activities while simultaneously embedding the materials taught in class (by using the map or multiplication table drawn on the asphalt).
  • The idea with the most votes in the city district of Põhja-Tallinn is ‘Japanese-inspired miniature forest in Põhja-Tallinn’, 525 votes.
    A proposal to plant a Japanese-inspired, biologically diverse and sustainable miniature forest which would be located at Vabriku 11. The diverse and dense miniature forest would attract insects and birds, increase biodiversity and reduce air pollution and noise levels. The idea of a self-regulating and fast-growing miniature forest has been inspired by the works of Akira Miyawaki, a Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology. Such ecosystems are vital for achieving climate goals. In Põhja-Tallinn, 1631 residents gave 2710 votes, which were divided between the 11 ideas that were put to vote.

For more detailed voting results of all city districts look HERE!

You can check the documents of the city government’s order here: ‘Confirming the voting results of Tallinn participatory budget 2022’ (for a better user experience, we recommend opening the link in Google Chrome).

The public voting for Tallinn’s second participatory budget lasted from 29 November 2021 to 13 December 2021.

People who were at least 14 years old and whose place of residence was Tallinn were able to participate in the voting. It was possible to vote electronically and on paper in all city district governments and in temporary voting stations created by city districts. Each participant could vote for two ideas of their choosing.

2.9% of citizens with the right to vote participated in the voting of the participatory budget, i.e. 11,182 citizens in total. The majority – 10,777 citizens – voted electronically and 363 citizens voted on paper.

City district Total number of voters Number of residents
with the right to vote*
Percentage of voters
Haabersti 1236 40 632 3.0%
City Centre 1958 55 206 3.6%
Kristiine 976 28 231 3.5%
Lasnamäe 1902 101 243 1.9%
Mustamäe 1718 57961 3.0%
Nõmme 1029 31 810 3.2%
Pirita 690 15 733 4.0%
Põhja-Tallinn 1631 51 802 3.2%
Total 11 140 382 618 2.9%

*Residents with the right to vote are citizens whose place of residence was registered in Tallinn as of 1 January 2021.

Select a city district in order to see the ideas that were up for voting: 
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