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Paying for parking

Paying for parking

The parking charge may be paid via the mobile or buying a parking ticket from a parking meter, or a monthly pass.

Parking using a mobile phone

Smart parking

To use smart parking, you need to have an iPhone or Android phone, to which the free of charge parking application has been downloaded.

Instructions for downloading and using the applications: Ühisteenused AS and EMT AS.

Good news for foreign visitors! Now is available a card payment option to pay for parking

After long-lasting development and testing at company Telia Eesti AS, it is now possible that guests who are arriving from abroad can pay for parking easier. 

How to pay for parking?

1)        Download and install mobile app PARGI.EE on your phone. Works on both iOS and Android platforms.

2)        When opening an application, it will ask permission to user's location access to display appropriate parking zones. Then the app makes a quick phone call to identify the phone number and determines whether the user is from abroad.

3)        In the case of foreign visitor, you are asked to set up a bankcard payment method immediately.

1)        When entering the bankcard payment information, the user is asked to perform a secure 3DS authentication in his home bank (the user will be redirected to the webpage of his bank for the authentication operation, where he must log in). Secure authentication is required only when you insert the bankcard data (even if the app is reinstalled). It is no more required for subsequent parking transactions.

2)        Then is the app ready to use parking service.

Notice! The app supports bankcard payments with MasterCard and VISA cards.

The app can be used in eight different languages (Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, German and French).

SMS parking

To start parking, an SMS has to be sent to the speed dial number 1902.

In the SMS body, write the registration number of the vehicle and the designation of the parking zone (for example, 123ABC CITY CENTRE). A space should be left between the car registration number and the designation of the parking zone. A confirmation message will be sent about the confirmation of the parking ticket.

To stop parking, call the speed dial number 1903.

Review the terms for the SMS parking service of your network service provider: EMT AS, Elisa AS, Tele2 AS.

Parking meters

When using a parking meter, first select the parking zone and then insert the money into the meter. If money is inserted into the meter without selecting a parking zone, the meter itself by default will select the zone where the meter is located. After money has been inserted, the meter will indicate the time point until which parking has been paid for. The first 15 minutes of parking are free of charge, included automatically on the parking ticket issued.

Parking meters accept 10, 20 and 50 cent and 1 and 2 euro coins, with some meters accepting also 5, 10, 20 and 50 euro notes. Meters are provided with instructions in Estonian, Russian and English.

Parking meter locations:

Old Town

  • Müürivahe tänav 3 – card payment option; in addition to coins, accepts € 5, € 10, € 20 and € 50 notes.
  • Intersection of Toompea tänav and Falgi tänav – in addition to coins, accepts € 5 and € 10 notes.
  • Lai tänav 25 – in addition to coins, accepts € 5 and € 10 notes.
  • Valli car park Pärnu maantee. 4     
  • Aia tänav 5a
  • Intersection of Suurtüki tänav and Rannamäe tee
  • Uus tänav 37
  • Nunne tänav car park
  • Wismari 15
  • Suur-Karja tänav 18



  • Sakala 20
  • Rävala 14
  • Estonia puiestee 7
  • Rävala puiestee 5 
  • Roosikrantsi tänav 10
  • Next to Kaubamaja, Laikmaa tänav
  • Lauteri tänav 8
  • G. Otsa tänav


City Centre

  • Nunne tänav car park
  • Wismari 15
  • Rävala 14
  • Sakala 20
  • Tatari 64
  • Liivalaia 12
  • Liivalaia 24
  • Mere puiestee 6
  • Narva maantee. 7
  • Ahtri tänav 12
  • Jakobi 12 
  • Roseni 11 
  • Reisijate tänav
  • Väike-Ameerika 7
  • Intersection of Tõnismäe tänav and Hariduse tänav
  • Rannamäe tee 1
  • Lastekodu tänav 13



In case of any queries, contact the AS Ühisteenused information hotline on 6511515

Monthly passes

You can buy period cards or [email protected]

651 1515

Costs of monthly passes:
City Centre parking zone: € 150
Downtown parking zone € 250
Old Town parking zone: € 300

Information and bookings, 651 1515


Last modified 21.02.2024