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Pelguaed allotment garden construction and follow-up activities in urban gardening

Pelguaed allotment garden construction and follow-up activities in urban gardening

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What is Pelguaed allotment garden?

The creation of the Pelguaed allotment garden is a new concept for Tallinn. The garden with a modern design will create even better opportunities for city residents to grow food, spend free time, and organise community events and outdoor lessons for residents and anyone interested. 

Why is this project relevant?

Urban gardening is popular in the city of Tallinn. The project aims to expand the possibilities of bigger gardening plots. Currently, in Tallinn, there are many community gardens, but they generally give out smaller 1x1m garden boxes. Creating the first allotment garden will widen possibilities for more people to start urban gardening.  

What is the aim?

The aim of the project is to empower the community gardening in the region, support biodiversity, promote environmental education and provide practical learning outcomes, and ensure food security. By its very nature, the project fulfils the goals of sustainable development, such as health and well-being, sustainability, and develops measures to combat climate change.

The future allotment garden will also increase the community feeling and make the city district safer. The project raise awareness about allotment garden principles and create a website that summarises all the relevant information regarding urban gardening. Also, the city will make spatial analysis to tackle down next possible places where urban gardening can be initiated.  

An important role is in mentoring existing citizen activists in the community gardens and starting the urban gardening network. 

What is planned?

  • Opening event
    March 2023
  • Development and introduction of urban gardening website
    September-November 2023
  • Urban gardening workshop program
    10 workshops during April 2023 - March 2024
  • Mentoring program for urban gardening leaders
    April 2023 - March 2024
  • Study visit for educational organisations
    March 2024
  • Opening of Pelguaed allotment garden
    March 2024
  • Final wrap-up event
    March 2024 

Project timeline: 03.10.2022 - 30.04.2024

Project number: 2014-2021.1.06.22-0096

Project finansing: The project is supported by the Environmental Investment Centre through the Climate Change Adaptation Measure. The support is funded by the European Economic Area.

Project budget: 434 089,80 euros, from which the grant size is 85% (368 976,33 euros)

Project coordinator: Project is coordinated by Urban Environment and Public Works Department, with any questions please contact our colleagues. 

Lea Vutt, project manager, [email protected]
Maria Derlõš, expert on urban gardening, [email protected]

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Last modified 22.09.2023