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For people with disabilities

For people with disabilities

- taxi companies
- price reductions on public transportation
- transportation services for the disabled
- parking permit for the disabled

Overview of physical accessibility

Guide dog for the visually impaired (est)

Financial aid
- financial aid granted by the city
     - for children
- financial aid granted by the state
      - social aid for the disabled

- services provided by the city
   - for children
- services provided by the state

     - rehabilitation services
     - special welfare services 

Informative booklet for families raising disabled children
in Estonian
- in Russian


- Juks, the Tallinn Centre for Disabled Youth
- Käo Daycare Centre
- Tallinn Mental Health Centre
- Tallinn Activity Centre for the Disabled (spare time, training courses, informative days, applying for a taxi card, internet point)

Last modified 21.02.2024