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Burying and cremation of companion animals

Burying and cremation of companion animals

In the densely populated areas pets can be buried only to one’s home yard or pet cemetery.

The pet is allowed to be buried both to the pet cemetery, one’s home yard with no hazard to human and animal health, provided:

a) the pet has not had hazardous infectious disease – rabies, distemper etc;

b) the dead body will be buried deep enough so that the carnivorous and omnivorous birds and animals would not have access to it;

c) burying affects environment as little as possible.

At the transport of the dead body of the animal to the burial place the human and animal health should not be damaged (the dead body should for example be in a box, covered etc). Additional information can be obtained from Veterinary and Food Board.

It is most appropriate to have your deceased pet cremated (for example in Tallinn crematorium for small animals). The burying and cremation of dead pets (incl burning without ash return) will be organized also by some veterinarian clinics and doctors.

Tallinn crematorium for small animals

Tallinn crematorium for small animals is located in Pääsküla at Raba street 40. The crematorium is open on workdays, the visit should be scheduled by phone. The body of the animal can be taken to the crematorium by oneself or the transport service of the crematorium can be used (transport within Tallinn costs 16 euros). Pets are cremated both together (the price from 12 euros) as well as separately (the price from 24 euros), the price of cremation depends on the weight of the animal. The pet owner can get the ash of his/her pet in the acceptable urn. Ash urns, boxes and bags are for sale on site.

Tallinn crematorium for small animals is unique in Estonia, as the biogas emerging from the former landfill is used as the energy source there. The pricelist, photos of urns and other additional information is found at:

Tel 672 2350, 5551 7527
E-mail info [ät]



Last modified 22.02.2024