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Companion animals up for adoption

Companion animals up for adoption

Bringing a companion animal into your home is an important decision which should be thoroughly considered and prepared, requiring agreement of all family members. The family should consider the time and money spent on pets and provide suitable conditions for the animal.

If the family has agreed in these questions, decision should be made about the type of animal suitable for the family and the family should consider the possibility to provide a home for one of the hundreds of cats and dogs living in the animal shelters or in foster-homes of non-governmental organizations. There are many NGO-s in Tallinn fostering homeless animals: Loomade Hoiupaik, Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals, Kasside Turvakodu, Kassiabi, Kass & Pojad, Kelmiküla Kassijaam, Pesaleidja and 58 Kassi Koju.

If there is more time and wish to commit, the cat in need of help can be saved right from the street. For instructions, any abovementioned non-governmental organization can be addressed.


Varjupaikade MTÜ

Paljassaare tee 85, 10313 Tallinn

Phone 514 1431

[email protected]



Loomade Hoiupaik
Sinirebase 24, 11217 Tallinn
Phone 5349 4045
[email protected] 


Phone 550 0072
[email protected]
[email protected]


Kasside Turvakodu
Phone 5805 8585
[email protected]

Kasside turvakodu logo.JPG

Phone 5557 1625
[email protected]

Kassiabi logo.GIF

Kass ja Pojad
[email protected]


Eesti Loomakaitse Selts
(Estonian Society for the
Protection of Animals)
Phone 526 7117
[email protected]


Kelmiküla Kassijaam
[email protected]


58 Kassi Koju
[email protected]


If you have decided to adopt a cat or a dog, you should consider that you must take good care of it now and for at least the next 15 years.

Last modified 22.02.2024