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Microchipping and registration of pets

Microchipping and registration of pets

According to the regulations for keeping dogs and cats in Tallinn all dogs and cats kept in Tallinn must be also microchipped and registered in Tallinn pet register (which is a part of the all-Estonian pet register). Check your pet's registration in here: 

In finding the chipped pet entered to the register the owner of the pet will be identified by Varjupaikade MTÜ shelter or veterinary clinic which contacts the owner immediately, thus the animal can reach back home very fast and the risk to lose one’s life on the street is considerably lower. If the pet has not been entered to the register, the owner could not be identified only based on the chip!

kiibistama.jpgFoto: Mari Kald,voluteer of ESPA

A pet kept at home walking outdoors only on-leash should also be chipped. The animal taken for a walk can unexpectedly pull off the leash and run off, cats can escape through the front door or transport cage left half-open, fall out of the window or balcony or get lost in any other way.

The chipping is painless for the animal, the number of chip is unique and very complicated to forge. The chips are placed by veterinarians. The list of Tallinn veterinary clinics can be found at

The pet owner pays for the microchip and the visit fee of the veterinarian that places the microchip. The average price for chipping is between 20-30 euros. The owner must provide his/her passport or ID-card (personal identification code required) and the documents of the animal (pedigree certificate, passport or vaccination certificate).

Pet owners can enter their pets to Tallinn pet register in here: Owners can also check the data, update contact information and notify of the death of the animal there.

Last modified 22.02.2024