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Swimming with dog

Swimming with dog

Dogs can swim in Tallinn in every sea and lake where there is no public beach and where there is no relevant prohibitory sign.

The dogs can swim and be washed according to the regulations for keeping dogs and cats of Tallinn, foremost according to clause 5 of its subsection 3, which stipulates that the pet keeper is not allowed to let the dog or cat swim or be washed on the public beach, in the pond or fountain.

The common dog swimming areas have been provided on the map: coastline from Russalka towards Pirita, coastline within 150 metres from the mole of Merivälja towards Viimsi, about 150-metre coastline located in the vicinity of  the end of Sepa street in Põhja-Tallinn, and north-eastern corner of the northern coast of Lake Raku. 


Last modified 22.02.2024