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Smartcards, onto which you can load money or e-tickets (1-, 3-, 5- and 30-day travel cards), can be purchased from any of the sales points listed on (Most common R-Kiosk)You pay a €2 deposit when purchasing a Smartcard. You can also personalise your card, load money onto it and buy tickets and travel cards at the sales point you purchase it from.

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Tourists can purchase non-personalised Smartcard. You can only personalise your card if you are listed in Tallinn’s population register i.e. you have a residence permit or you are an EU citizen who has registered with your local government and applied for an Estonian ID card. Stateless citizens residing in Estonia must also have a residence permit to do this. Citizens of countries outside of the EU must apply for a residence permit to live in Estonia. EU citizens who relocate to Estonia must register with their local government in order to be granted the right to reside here, and they can also apply for an ID card, on which it will be marked that they are an EU citizen. In both cases they are issued with a personal identification code and listed in the population register. Individuals who are not citizens of Estonia or the EU and who have not registered themselves or who lack a residence permit or a stateless citizen’s passport and residence permit cannot personalise their Smartcard. Residence permit holders can purchase ID tickets, as can EU citizens if they have obtained an ID card.

A personalised Smartcard enables the holder to obtain discounts. Personalised cards are only valid with proof of identity.

The ticket you purchase when validating your card on public transport using money loaded onto your card is an hourly ticket, priced at €2,00. This grants you the use of any means of public transport during the subsequent 60 minutes. Remember to validate each journey.

The cost of the journeys you make in a single day using hourly tickets will never exceed the cost of a 1-day travel card. This day ticket is valid until the end of a transport day. The transport day starts at 4 AM and lasts 24 hours until the next morning.

The advantage of the hourly e-ticket over the hourly tickets issued under the old system is that whereas the start and end of a journey or journeys under the old system were required to fall within the 60-minute period, under the new system the hourly ticket remains valid from the moment of its initial validation to the end of the final journey started (and validated) within the 60-minute period, whether or not the end time of the journey falls within this period.

You can use your Smartcard to buy tickets for up to 6 passengers at a time. First, validate your own journey, then use the arrows to select the number of additional tickets you need, press the OK button and then hold your card against the validator once for each additional ticket you purchased. If you validate your card repeatedly without indicating that you need additional tickets, the tickets will not be issued to you – the validator screen will simply keep informing you that your own journey has been validated. Only the one-hour tickets of the card holder are replaced by a day ticket, this replacement does not apply to tickets for other passengers. This day ticket is valid until the end of a transport day. The transport day starts at 4 AM and lasts 24 hours until the next morning.

Individual tickets (hourly and discounted hourly tickets) cannot be purchased in advance for Smartcard. Only 1-day cards and travel cards for longer periods can be purchased in advance.

E-tickets must be validated immediately every time you enter a vehicle by holding your Smartcard against the validator. Validators operate using audio signals, light indicators and a screen. The colours on the screen indicate the following:

  1. Green – your ticket has been activated or your travel card or discount is valid
  2. Red – You do not have the right to travel and you do not have sufficient funds on your card to purchase a ticket

Returning a Smartcard

Smartcard can be returned six months after buyin to the customer service point of Ridango AS in the public service office of Tallinn City Government (Vabaduse väljak 7). Damaged cards shall not have their deposits reimbursed.

Non-personalised Smartcard and balance up to 20€ can returned

  • Tallinn airport R-kiosk

  • Passenger port A and D terminal R-koisk

  • Train station R-kiosk

  • Regional bus station T-ticket service desk


Last modified 16.04.2024