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Ticket Information for Tourists

Ticket Information for Tourists

A valid transport ticket will grant you travelling in public transport vehicles of Tallinn. Uniform transport tickets are used in trams, trolley buses and city line buses of Tallinn (lines numbers 1–96).

  • QR-ticket 1 hour 2 €. Purchase up to 10 rides onto your QR-ticket. Share them with your friends and family.
    First, validate your ride, then choose the number of extra rides to be purchased using the arrows, then press OK and swipe your QR-ticket again. Use the front door validator with the QR-scanner. 
  • Smartcard (Ühiskaart)
    You can use the money, loaded onto your Smartcard (Ühiskaart) or contactless bank card to purchase tickets for maximum six passengers. 

    To do that, if you use Ühiskaart, you must first load money onto your card at a point of sales and one hour ticket will be generated automatically as you board a public transport vehicle and swipe your card to validate your trip. If you want to purchase more than one ticket, use the arrows to choose the required number of additional tickets (up to 5), then push OK and then validate the purchase of extra tickets by swiping your Smartcard again in front of the validator. Only the one-hour tickets of the card holder are replaced by a day ticket, this replacement does not apply to tickets for other passengers. This day ticket is valid until the end of a transport day. The transport day starts at 4 AM and lasts 24 hours until the next morning.

    1, 3, 5 and 30 day tickets are available for the Smartcard. Upon boarding a public transport vehicle, validate your trip every time by swiping the card to the validator. If you see a green light, your trip has been validated. (IOS ja Android) app can be used to buy tickets, including QR-tickets, Harjumaa joint tickets and loading money onto your Public Transport Card (Ühiskaart).
  • Apple Pay
  • Tallinn Card allows to travel free in public transport vehicles, participating in common ticket system. You must validate your ride by swiping your Tallinn Card at the validator as you board a public transport vehicle.
Drivers do not sell tickets. 

You cannot buy tickets for cash. 
Passengers without a ticket, and also those using the discount ticket without a document, entitling them to the benefits, will be fined with up to 40 euros as stated under the Public Transport Act.
When travelling with luggage, please make sure that your luggage does not either pose a threat or disturb other passengers.
The right of free travel is available to children of pre-school age and to passengers travelling with child(ren) under the age of 3. In this case you are not required to submit a document, entitling you to free travel right nor is any validation needed.

The right to use a discount ticket is available to students (ISIC Student). ISIC Student card must be personalised and added to the transport system. The ISIC and student cards that have been added to the ticket system function the same way the Smartcard (Ühiskaart) card does.

All the other benefits are valid with entitling documents issued in the Republic of Estonia.

Smartcard (Ühiskaart)

You can use Smartcard to upload either money or e-tickets (1, 3, 5 and 30 day tickets) from points of sale, listed at Internet website at
Deposit for Smartcard is 2 €.


Smartcards can be bought from the following sales points:


Returning Smartcard

Smartcard can be returned within the first six months after buying to service desk of Tallinn City Government at Vabaduse Väljak 7, Ridango AS. You won't be refunded your deposit on Smartcard, issued for free. You won’t get a deposit refund if the Smartcard is physically damaged.

Non-personalised Smartcard and balance up to 20€ can also be returned to:

Tourists can purchase non-personalised Smartcards. Foreigners can personalise their cards provided that their records are available from the population register (they have either a residence permit or if the person concerned is a citizen of the EU, s/he must first register at local government and can then apply for the ID-card). The holders of the so-called "green passport" (aliens in Estonia) must also hold a residence permit. Citizens of countries outside the European Union must first acquire for a residence permit to live in Estonia. The citizens of the European Union, moving to Estonia, must first register at local government, are granted the right to live in Estonia and can then apply for an ID-card that will identify them as citizens of the EU. In both cases, these individuals will be a personal ID code and are entered into the population register. All the others who don't have the citizenship of the Republic of Estonia or the EU and are not registered here or who don't have the grey passport, are unable to personalise their Smartcards.

Personalised card will grant you with travel benefits. Personalised card is only valid with a personal identity document.

Transport ticket discount information for students

Foreign students can prove their right for free travel with the following documents:

  • personalised Smartcard with a personal identity document (provided that the residence of the student is recorded in the population register as the Republic of Estonia and is also included in EEIS database);
  • Student card issued in the Republic of Estonia, that matches RFID technology (provided that the residence of the student is recorded in the population register as the Republic of Estonia and is also included in EEIS database);

Foreign students can use the benefits with the following documents:

  • personalised Smartcard with a personal identity document  to purchase e-tickets (provided that the residence of the student is recorded in the population register as the Republic of Estonia and is also included in EEIS database),
  • identity document of the Republic of Estonia (ID-card to purchase ID-ticket (provided that the residence of the student is recorded in the population register as the Republic of Estonia and is also included in EEIS database) or
  • student card, issued by the Republic of Estonia or equivalent ISIC Student card or Swedbank Tudengikaart (Student Card) when purchasing ticket from a driver of public transport vehicle.

If a student studies abroad and his/her records are not included in EEIS database, the person concerned will be required to mark the check-box “I’m a passenger entitled to travel benefits and will use the appropriate document to prove my entitlement” when personalising your Smartcard on Internet or in point of sales.

Money loaded onto your Smartcard  will buy you a ticket in public transport vehicle upon validation of the card; you will get 1 hour ticket for 2,00 €, which will grant you access to public transport vehicle during one hour. You must validate each entry.

The total value of trips taken over the day, using hour tickets, will not exceed the value of one day ticket.

You can travel for unlimited times during one day, while paying only the price of one day card; i.e. the passenger will be sold one day card for the price of three euros.

One of the advantages of one hour e-ticket, compared to the hour tickets used in the old system, is the fact that while with he old system, the beginning and end of a single travel had to fit into one hour, the new system will grant you a ticket that is valid for 60 minutes, effective until the end of validated trip.

You can’t used advanced booking to purchase single (1 hour and 1 hour discount tickets) for your Smartcard. You can only use advanced booking to buy tickets that are valid for one day or a longer period.

E-ticket must be validated immediately every time you board a public transport vehicle by sweeping your Smartcard at the validator. The validator is fitted with light and audio signals and a screen. He colours displayed onto the screen have the following meaning:

a) green light – your ticket or period card is activated; or you have a valid travel benefit;

b) red light – you have no travelling right and the balance is insufficient to purchase a single ticket;

Last modified 16.04.2024