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Validators are located near every door in all vehicles.



When a Public Transport Card is validated, the apparatus checks that the passenger has a valid ticket or the right to discounted travel. If the passenger does not have a ticket but has sufficient funds on their card, they are issued with a 1-hour e-ticket. If they do not have sufficient funds on their card, they are not permitted to travel – they must purchase a ticket from the driver or exit the vehicle.


How to use the validator


  • When entering the vehicle, validate your e-ticket or right to free travel by holding your Public Transport Card against the validator.
  • You can then repeat this process to check that your ticket is valid.

With one smartcard you can purchase up to 5 additional e-tickets. First touch the orange card reader with your smartcard, then choose by using the arrows the number of additional tickets needed and confirm by pushing OK and touch yor smartcard once more time. Touch your smartcard on the orange card reader validator again to see number of tickets valid on your smartcard.


Green – Ticket is activated/your travel card or discount are valid


Red – You do not have the right to travel/you do not have sufficient funds on your card to purchase a ticket


Please note: e-tickets must be validated for every journey. If you fail to validate a journey, you will be fined.


Last modified 16.04.2024