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Groups info

Groups info

In Pirita Kindergarten there are alltogether 6 groups of children aged 2-7 years. 

Pirita Kindergarten is located in a beautiful place, where near is forest, river and the sea. Because of the surrounding of nature, all our groups have flower names: globeflower, cornflower, forget-me-not, daisy, viola, hepatica.


1. group Rukkilill (cornflower)                                   

Teachers: Ingrid and Viive   

Teachers assistant: Auli


2. group Meelespea (forget-me-not)                         

Teachers: Maarja (parental leave), Elisabeth and Marika-Ilona

Teachers assistant: Pille S.

Phone number: 58759967


3. group Karikakar (daisy)                               

Teachers: Pille K. and Milvi

Teachers assistant: Elen


4. group Sinilill (hepatica)

Teachers: Marili and Kertu-Maria

Teachers assistant: Evelin

Phone number: 56120390


5. group Kullerkupp (globeflower)

Teachers: Anu and Kristiina

Teachers assistant: Leeli

Phone number: 53911670


6. group Kannike (viola)

Teachers: Kerli (parental leave), Margit

Teachers assistant: Mari

Phone number: 56063776



Music teachers: Esta Ivask

Physical education teacher: Heili Heinaste


Last modified 21.02.2024