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Project Heawater

Project Heawater


Achieving healthier water quality in urban small rivers of the Baltic Sea catchment by restoration of water bodies and preventing of nutrients and hazardous substances inflow from watershed

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The Project aims at

  • Reducing external loading into the Baltic Sea by improving water quality in small urban rivers
  • Implementing different river restoration techniques in Finland, Sweden and Estonia
  • Assessing citizens´ willingness to pay for better river water quality
  • Rising awareness about the benefits of improved water quality in small urban rivers and its effect on citizens´ wellbeing

The Project activities

  • Water quality monitoring on selected rivers and data analyse
  • Review of implemented river restoration techniques on the Baltic Sea basin
  • Selection and implementation of feasible water quality measures
  • Residents questioning on the river catchment areas
  • Integration of the project results
  • Communication to target groups and project results have made public

The Project will result in

  • Application of different river restoration techniques to selected rivers in Finland, Sweden and Estonia
  • 10 % reduction of phosphorus, nitrogen, micro and macro litter and suspended solids in river water
  • Assessment of cost-benefit ratios of restoration works in Finland, Sweden and Estonia
  • A tool for identifying potential techniques for use in urban river restoration projects in the Baltic Sea basin


The European Regional Development Fund, Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020

The total budget of the project is 1 898 060 €


From March 1, 2018 until February 28, 2021

Last modified 13.10.2023