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Exhibitions and exhibits

​​​Thematic exhibits of the literature, culture, and music of national minorities for adults and children. There is also a treasure hunt at Nõmme Library and activities for children at Sääse Library.
At the libraries of Männi, Männiku, Nurmenuku, Nõmme, Pirita, Pääsküla, Sääse, Torupilli, and Väike-Õismäe, at the Departments of Literature in Estonian (Estonia pst 8) and Literature in Foreign Languages (Liivalaia 40) at Tallinn Central Library, 17-24 September.

An exhibition by the embassy of Kazakhstan 
In the Department of Literature in Foreign Languages at the Central Library (Liivalaia 40), 17-24 September.

Colourful Azerbaijan
An exhibition of the carpets and paintings of the Azerbaijani artist, Rovshan Nuri.
Kodulinna Maja, Kuldjala tower, 16-25 September, 14:00–18:00. Opening on 16 September at 16:00, the artist speaks about the Azerbaijani carpets and traditions. 

Under the sky
An art exhibition for the Ukrainian painter, Oksana Sorokina.
Pirita Library, 17-24 September Opening on 17 September at 13:00, the artist speaks about Ukrainian culture, herself, and her creative work.

The magical world of Ukrainian embroidery
Folk costumes and domestic textiles from the collections of Tetjana Ivuškina, founder of the Ukrainian Culture Museum in Kohtla-Järve, and the Žurba folk music group.
Thirty-Fourth Estonian Forum of National Minorities, Tallinn Teachers House, 11:00-18.00, 18 September;
In the Old Town House of Tallinn Folk High School, between 19 September and 31 October, open on weekdays between 10:00 and 18:00.

Portugal 2017
The travel photos of Mari-Liis, Mikk, Johann Sander, and Kristiina, the multi-layered culture of Portugal through four pairs of eyes.
In the Pelgulinna House at Tallinn Folk High School, between 19 September and 31 October, open on working days between 10:00 and 18:00.

Tallinn - the ‘Green Capital of Europe’. Parks, squares, and gardens
An exhibition of the summertime art from the Artec and 5+5 children’s studios.
Russian Cultural Centre, ground floor, left-hand gallery, between 19 September and 20 October. Opening on 19 September at 16:00.

They are so different
Animalism art exhibition by the Russian Artists Union in Estonia.
Russian Cultural Centre, first floor, left and right galleries, between 20 September and 28 October. Opening on 20 September at 16:00.

Slavic ladies. The power of a woman
A costume and photography exhibition by Irina Barsegyan and Galina Parmask.
The Russian Museum at the Tallinn City Museum, between 22 September 2022 and 22 January 2023. Opening on 22 September at 17:00.

Life of Finno-Ugric Peoples
Solo exhibition of Stanislav Antipov, a painter from Udmurtia.
Design and Architecture gallery, Pärnu mnt 6, Tallinn, between 19 September and 1 October

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