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Register as a Tallinn resident

Register as a Tallinn resident

Please register your exact place of residence to receive local services (such as free public transport or a kindergarten place) and state services (such as the extension of driving licence).

In order to register as a Tallinn resident, you must have a valid national identification number. If you don't have a national identification number, you must first
apply for one

Updating your place of residence is simple. You can update your place of residence:

  1. on the website;
  2. by sending a notice of residence to the respective city district government by post or email. You can find the necessary contacts and instructions here;
  3. at the respective city district government's office, Tallinn City Office or Tallinn Vital Statistics Department.

If a person cannot provide information about their place of residence in a notice of residence (for example, if they don't have a lease agreement or the owner does not consent), they must contact their district government who can help to register their place of residence.

What are the benefits of registering as a Tallinn resident?

Tallinn residents have the right to receive benefits, such as:

Which documents do I need to register my residence?

Sul on vaja esitada:

  • a notice of residence;
  • a copy of your ID (if you're sending your physical ID by post);
  • If you are not the owner of the premises indicated in the notice of residence, a copy of the document proving the right to use the premises (such as a lease agreement) or the authorisation of the owner (signature on the notice of residence or a separate document) must be attached to the notice of residence in order to enter the details of the residence into the population register;
  • in the case of common ownership, the applicant must include a document certifying the consent of all co-owners or their representatives in order to submit a notice of residence. However, if the owners of the shared residence have entered into an agreement on the use of the residence, it will be attached to the notice of residence, instead;
  • in order to register the place of residence of a minor child, the written consent of the other custodial parent is required. The consent must be marked on the notice of residence or attached as a separate document to the notice of residence;
  • if the ship entered in the Estonian ship register has been marked as a place of residence in the notice of residence, a document certifying being a member of the ship's crew must be submitted.
How long does it take to register a place of residence?

According to Estonian legislation, a decision will be made within ten days of receiving the notice of residence. When submitting a notice of residence online, the applicant's place of residence does not change automatically. Instead, the official receives a notification after the applicant has digitally signed all the necessary documents. After verifying the accuracy of submitted information, the official will make a residence entry in the population register. You can follow the progress of the procedure on the website.

If there is no queue, it may take just 15 minutes to register your place of residence at the district government's office.

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Last modified 02.04.2024