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24-hour general care

The purpose of the 24-hour general care service provided outside of home is to ensure a safe environment and coping of an adult who is temporarily or permanently unable to cope independently at home due to health reasons, functional capacity or physical and social environment and whose ability to cope cannot be ensured by other social services or assistance

The service is provided:

·        To a person whose address in the population register and actual residence is in the City of Tallinn.

·        A person whose place of residence in the population register is not the City of Tallinn is provided the general care service organised by the City of Tallinn in case of a suitable vacancy, in agreement with the local municipality of the person’s residence.

 The services provided:

·        accommodation,

·        catering at least three times a day,

·        care activities,

·        engagement of the service recipient in appropriate activities according to their capabilities,

·        other supportive activities, including arranging health care services.

Payment for the service:

·        The fee payable by the service recipient, which is 95% (in exceptional cases 100%) of their pension or other regular income (own contribution)

·        The fee payable by the service recipient’s children, parents or other people (contribution fee);


·        the amount paid by the City of Tallinn, if necessary, to the extent that is not covered by the service recipient’s own contribution and the contribution fee. In general, the City of Tallinn does not pay for the service if the recipient of the service has funds or assets that can be used to pay for the service and/or if the people with a maintenance obligation are able to meet the obligation to pay for the service to a sufficient extent.