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Applying for a bio-waste container

Applying for a bio-waste container

Please note! The 80-litre bio-waste containers are no longer available. Applications can only be made for 140-litre containers.

According to the Waste Act and the Tallinn Waste Management Plan, waste must be collected separately at its point of origin. The separate collection of bio-waste at its point of origin must be organised in Estonia by 1 December 2024 at the latest, but Tallinn plans to achieve this earlier – by 1 June 2023.


Collection containers for bio-waste will be distributed to the residents of the city of Tallinn on the basis of submitted applications. Collection bins are free of charge, but after receiving the bin, you must sign an addendum to the contract with your current waste hauler within two weeks and agree on the emptying frequency of the bio-waste bin. According to the new waste management plan, bio-waste collection bins must be emptied at least once every two weeks.

Properties located next to each other may share a collection bin. To do this, a shared collection bin usage contract must be signed. Contact information and prices for waste haulers.

Received applications are processed by the economy department of the Tallinn Strategic Management Office.

Application conditions:

1. For (terraced) houses with 3-9 apartments in the administrative region of Tallinn, one free waste collection bin can be applied for.

For buildings with 1-4 apartments, we recommend 80-litre collection bins, while 140-litre bins are recommended for buildings with 5-9 apartments.

2. A bin can be requested by a member of the board of the apartment association who has the rights to represent the apartment association in transactions in the commercial register.

3. The applicant’s place of residence, according to the Estonian population register, must be in Tallinn at the address the collection bin is applied for.

4. The applicant must have arranged year-long waste hauling, meaning there must be a valid mixed household waste haul contract registered at the address of the applicant’s place of residence.

5. Applications can be submitted as long as there are available collection bins. When the collection bins run out, the acceptance of applications will be suspended and applications submitted after the collection bins have run out will not be reviewed.


As part of the project ‘Promotion of separate collection of bio-waste and on-site composting in the city of Tallinn’, support was allocated to the Tallinn Strategic Management Office by the Environmental Investment Centre for the purchase of 700 bio-waste home compost bins and 1000 140-litre bio-waste collection containers as well as for conducting composting training. In addition to the project, the city acquired 4000 80-litre bio-waste collection containers.


All 700 home compost bins acquired as part of the project have been distributed. No follow-up campaign for compost bins is planned.

Additional information on requested collection tools, the project and waste transport: