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Applying for a bio-waste container

According to the Waste Act and the Tallinn Waste Management Plan, waste must be collected separately at its point of origin. The separate collection of bio-waste at its point of origin must be arranged in Estonia by 31 December 2023 at the latest, but in Tallinn it is planned as early as spring 2023.


As part of the project ‘Promotion of separate collection of bio-waste and on-site composting in the city of Tallinn’, support was allocated to the Tallinn Strategic Management Office by the Environmental Investment Centre for the purchase of 700 bio-waste home compost bins and 1000 140-litre bio-waste collection containers as well as for conducting composting training. In addition to the project, the city acquired 4000 80-litre bio-waste collection containers. Home compost bins and collection containers for bio-waste will be distributed to the residents of the city of Tallinn on the basis of submitted applications. For the applicant, the collection container is free, but the applicant must contact the waste hauler in their area and sign a bio-waste removal contract.  Received applications are processed by the economy department of the Tallinn Strategic Management Office.


Application conditions:

  1.      Applications will be accepted from 15 September 2022. Applications can be submitted as long as home compost bins or collection containers are available. When home compost bins or collection containers run out, the acceptance of applications will be suspended and applications submitted after the collection containers or home compost bins have run out will not be reviewed.
  2.      Only natural persons may apply.
  3.      The applicant’s place of residence, according to the Estonian population register, must be in Tallinn at the address the home compost bin or collection container is applied for.
  4.       A resident of a detached house, a semi-detached house, a block of terraced houses or a house with two apartments located within the administrative territory of Tallinn can request either one home compost bin or one collection container for the address of the residence.
  5.      The applicant must have joined the year-round organised waste transport.

 Additional information on requested collection tools, the project and waste transport