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Archive of city planning and construction

Extracts and copies from the city planning and construction archives:
The prices for copies with VAT, prescribed with the directive 03.02.2021no.116 of the Mayor of Tallinn, titled "Establishment of prices for services provided by Tallinn City Planning Department" are HERE. The City Planning Department archive (Vabaduse väljak 7) stores the following materials:

1. city plans
2. maps of former registered immovables
3. city's geological maps
4. city's transmission network materials
5. geodetic research
6. starting tasks of plans
7. comprehensive and detailed plans
8. land documents
9. design terms
10. projects of construction works, civil engineering works, utility networks (construction permits)
11. as-built drawings
12. authorizations for use (approval reports)

Reception in the archives is temporarily not taking place. For information on archive materials, please send e- mail: