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Assisted living

This service is meant for adults with mental disorders who can take care of themselves and are capable of doing everyday activities but need support with living independently.

What does the service entail?

We guide people to cope with their everyday life, including making a budget, using the living space as well as organising and using services related to caring for the home. If the person resides in the service provider’s housing, we will help them find independent housing and prepare for an independent life. The service helps people to agree on rules related to their living situation and fulfil them.

When is the service provided?

The service takes place at a suitable location that meets the needs of the person by agreement with the service provider. This might be the person’s home, a day centre or another location based on the activities. The service provider will carry out the service’s activities according to the needs of the person.

What do you have to pay for?

If you are residing in the service provider’s housing, you must pay the housing costs.