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Benefit for keeping guide dogs

Benefit for keeping guide dogs

Benefit for keeping guide dogs for people with visual impairments. This year, the aid is 165 euros quarterly.

You have the right to receive the aid if:

  • your place of residence is the City of Tallinn and
  • you have profound or near-total visual impairment;
  • you use a guide dog who has gone through special training and who you have received partnership training with and have passed the relevant exam;
  • the guide dog’s information has been added to the district administration’s Pet Register;
  • the guide dog has passed the veterinary inspection, has been declared healthy and capable of fulfilling the tasks of a guide dog;
  • you have submitted a request to receive aid to own a guide dog.

TO CLARIFY: If the guide dog has previously been trained, they do not have to additionally pass the partnership training exam to receive aid in Tallinn.

You need to submit a one-time request to receive aid. The aid will be paid quarterly (March, June, September, December) on the condition that all the requirements to receive aid are fulfilled. FURTHER INFORMATION: Guide dogs trained previously are not required to complete the adjustment exam in order to be eligible for the allowance paid by the City of Tallinn.