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Changing the residence address in the Population Register

Changing the residence address in the Population Register

The electronic communication should be used instead of direct contact in population register proceedings.

The registration of a new residential address in the population register based on the notice of residence submitted by the person.

A person submits a notice of residence upon moving to a new place or changing the place of residence inside Estonia, upon moving abroad or moving back from abroad within 14 days.

A family and people who have moved to one address may submit one joint notice of residence.

The notice of residence can be submitted to the city district of the place of residence (please choose the suitable application type below):

  • by visiting the office;
  • by sending it via mail and adding a copy of the page with personal details from the personal identification document;
  • by sending a digitally signed application via e-mail;
  • or by using the population register’s e-service in the information gateway .

Upon leaving Estonia, a person can submit his/her data regarding a place of residence abroad to a town or rural municipality government located in Estonia via a notice of residence. If a person already lives abroad, he/she can submit an application for changing his/her permanent place of residence to the honorary consul or foreign mission of Estonia or, if there is none, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which in turn shall forward the respective data to be entered into the population register.

Data to be submitted A notice of residence shall include the address details of one place of residence. People living together may submit a joint notice of residence, the notice should definitely also include the details of under-aged children. A signature on the notice of residence shall confirm the validity of the details of place of residence to be entered into the population register. A place of residence in the notice of residence shall be an address of a room which must be a residential building or apartment (residential space) used for permanent residence, except: a person applies entering such an address of building that he/she owns or which is being built and owned by him/her as the place of residence for him/her and people living with him/her into the population register or a person proves that a room, which is not a residential space, is used as a residence. If you wish, you may submit the details of your means of communication in addition to the notice of residence, such as e-mail address, mail box number, phone number, number of another means of communication or an address of another room in case you are living for an extended period of time or every once in a while in another place or if your place of residence listing only includes a town, rural municipality, city district or rural municipality district.

Room owner If the person does not own the room listed in the notice of residence, a copy of a document evidencing the right to use the room must be added to the notice of residence (for instance, rental agreement) or the room owner’s permission (signature on the notice of residence or a consent as a separate document) in order to enter the details of this place of residence into the population register. In order to enter the address of such a room into the population register that belongs to common ownership, the applicant shall include the consent of all co-owners or their representatives to submit the notice of residence, except in case, the usage agreement between the room owners for using the common ownership does not state otherwise. In this case, a document proving the agreement between the co-owners shall be added to the notice of residence.

Consent of another parent who has custody The written consent of another parent with custody is required to register a place of residence for an under-aged child. The consent must also be submitted if the place of residence of an under-aged child is submitted from Estonia to abroad or other way round. The signed consent must be marked on the notice of residence or added to the notice of residence.