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Day centre for elderly with memory impairment

Day centre for elderly with memory impairment

The purpose of the day centre service for people with memory impairment is to provide the person with memory impairment with a safe environment that supports their ability to manage their daily life, supervision and to reduce the care burden of family members.

The recipient of the service is guided and assisted with everyday tasks and offered activities according to their abilities that encourage them to keep them active.

The service is provided on the basis of a referral or opinion from a health care professional to a person with memory and cognitive impairment and who, due to health reasons and functioning capacity, is unable to manage their daily life independently at home.

Good to know:

  • The person will be referred to the day centre by the social welfare unit of their place of residence.
  • People with memory impairment will be brought to and picked up from the day centre by family members or carers using their own transportation or the social transportation service