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Debt counselling

A debt counsellor informs people of their rights and obligations and finds ways to minimise debts (e.g. setting up a payment plan) or eliminate them (e.g. elimination of outstanding debt). This is a counselling service during which no material help will be offered.

The counsellor will help you:

  •        communicate with bailiffs and creditors, fill in necessary applications and compose documents;
  •         help strengthen your ability to cope in order to avoid new debts (income-expenses analysis, creating a budget for the family, smart financial management); and
  •         solve other issues related to debts.

When to go?

If you plan to take out a loan but are not sure if you will be able to pay back the loan or do not know how to compare loan types in order to make the best decision for you, you can contact a debt counsellor to prevent falling into debt. If you do not have any debts but need advice and support in organising your everyday finances, contact a budget counsellor.

 You should make an appointment with a debt counsellor if you or your family have existing rent arrears, phone debt, a loan from a private person or bank (residential loan, study loan, microloan), credit card debt, a lease, an instalment plan, tax liabilities, unpaid fines, default interests or any other debt that you cannot pay.

The service is free for residents registered in Tallinn.